Tandem Language Partners

Learning a language in a tandem

A language tandem consists of two learners with different first languages who meet regularly to improve their language skills and to learn more about their partner's country and its culture.

In a tandem both partners are to benefit from their co-operation. Therefore, the partners should dedicate the same amount of time to both languages. The partners should start by agreeing on the aims and activities (e.g. conversation, reading texts, practicing grammar, or writing texts, etc.) that are most important to them.

Here are some tips for a successful tandem:

  • Agree on a fixed date, if possible.
  • For your first meetings, choose a "neutral" meeting point, e.g. the cafeteria, a café or an unoccupied seminar room.
  • Agree on how and when you would like your mistakes to be corrected - always or only when you say so. Some people feel more comfortable when they are not interrupted, others prefer to learn about mistakes right away.
  • Respect each other's culture and opionions.

If you are looking for a tandem partner, fill in a registration form and submit it in building P, room 204 (language centre).
As soon as two suitable tandem partners have registered, both will be sent the other's email address. Then you can decide yourselves if and when to work together.

The tandem programme is open to all registered students; especially exchange students are invited to join!