Bachelor of Science Nutrition, Health and Food Business

The bachelor’s degree programme in Nutritional, Health and Food Business provides students with scientific knowledge and practical skills and qualifies them for work in the areas of Nutrition and HealthFood Business, and Food Assessment

The programme is interdisciplinary and combines the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and business studies. It prepares the students for independent and responsible work, qualifies them to manage projects professionally and encourages them to act in a socially and ecologically responsible manner. 

The unique approach is that students apply their knowledge and skills in project work starting from the very first semester.

The degree programme is the first accredited Bachelor of Science Oecotrophologie at a University of Applied Sciences in Germany - accredited by Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Special Education, Care, Health Sciences and Social Work (AHPGS).


If you want to continue your studies after completing the programme, you can apply to Master programmes in Germany or abroad. If you like to stay in Fulda, the University of Applied Sciences offers attractive Master programmes such as: