Bewerbung International Studierende Neu

Bewerbung International Studierende Neu
Information on pervious studies in Germany or abroad, also studies not completed

Declaration / Erklärung

DeclarationI hereby confirm the accuracy and completenessof the information provided. I am not enrolled in the desired study programme at another university in the Federal Republic of Germany. I have not finally failed a preliminary, intermediate or final examination in this study programme. I am aware that inaccurate statements or omissions can lead to a withdrawal of my matriculation pursuant to the provisions of the Hessian Higher Education Act (Hessisches Hochschulgesetz) of 14 December 2009.

Notification obligations

In accordance with Article 6 of the Hessian Martriculation Regulation (Hessische Immatrikulationsverordnung) of 24 February 2010, students must notify the university immediately of any change in their name, address or nationality, of the failureto meet any criteria fpr part-time studies or for leaveof absence, or of the loss of their student identity card.

Data protection

Data will be collected an stored in accordance with Article 2 of the applicable version o Hessian Matriculation Regulation (Regulation regarding the processing of personal data and the matriculation procedure an universities in the German federal state of Hesse). They will be used for student and examination administration purposes. I give my consent that the university can send information to the email address provided in the enrolment from until the start of lectures. From the start o lectures on all information will exclusively be sent to my university email address.