AutomationTech@AT: #Iceland

Black like cold lava, yellow like fire, blue like the sea, a little red and orange like magma. And of course a little green like moss and gray like rocks and whales. Only the many different shades of white of glaciers and snow cannot even be approximated. So as a substitute, there are the shiny shades of brushed stainless steel.

But it's not just the colors, but above all the respect for the years of truly great work by a colleague caused me to name the new test bench for open control technology Iceland.

When I started at the faculty, I had the great opportunity to share the office with him for a few years and experienced that for him, the students played the most important role. If there was a problem, he found a solution, and even when he retired, his first comment was: "Don't hesitate to ask, I'll be there to help you" - and he did. And all that in good mood, always professional and completely open to discussion and solutions.

When I remember those times, the only thing that comes to mind are the lyrics of a famous Pink Floyd song: "Wish you were here." That's one of the reasons why I will always have the Iceland on my office desk, and it's even a little bit pink | purple like lupins.

Author: Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Engels

Illustrations: E. Engels