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If you do not suffer from arachnophobia, you should have no problems with the photos on this website.

It's a bit strange that many people in Central Europe are afraid of spiders and on the other hand many, many people watch cinema movies about a young guy in a blue/red costume climbing up walls and jumping from building to building with elastic ropes similar to spider webs - if you know what I mean :-)

The information about spiders seems a little misleading - sometimes. Anyway, their phenomenal abilities go far beyond what other creatures - especially humans - can do. But of course there are spider species that are poisonous, and some can transmit diseases. So, as with mushrooms, you should keep a respectful distance if you don't know what you're dealing with. At least to keep it alive by catching it carefully and put it outside. Cross spiders, for example, aren't pets.

For motion control applications, spiders are a great source of information. There are many scientific papers describing algorithms and mechatronics that mimic the movement of spiders.

A few years ago, students in my lab were working on the basic mathmatics that helps describe the movements of spider legs and, just for fun, built a small prototype with tiny servo drives. Large servo drives would be more impressive but it's a question of budget and safety.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Engels

Photos: E. Engels