Fly like a hummingbird

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In computer science, people create errors and call them bugs. And you're lucky if you have an efficient debugger at hand and all you have to do is fix the bugs. No bugs and people are happy. Ok, that's true for software bugs.

No idea why computer scientists call their errors bugs, because bugs play an extremely important role in nature. No bugs, no people, period. And we kill them aggressively for profit. Not an intelligent idea - from my point of view.

Anyway, hummingbird hawk-moths are not as easy to find as flies, bees, wasps or spiders. But if you are patient and attentive enough, you can observe them from time to time. Often in combination with lilac plants.

This is not a sound scientific statement, but if you look at them up close, they are really cute. Their face almost reminds you of a rabbit with its big eyes and long antennae. However, their German name Taubenschwänzchen refers to the rear part of the insect.

They are really spectacular. As their name suggests, they fly like a hummingbird and their maneuverability is quite unique. A good reason to take photos and videos for my lectures Motion-Control and Bionics.

Mankind has produced many innovations, but nature certainly did it on a much advanced level.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Engels

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