MakerLab@AT: #Automation&Packaging

Normally you tear them open, take out the contents and throw them away - the packaging. But can you tear it open and close it again perfectly?

It's actually quite difficult to close it before you can even tear it open. That's what packaging technology is all about.

The best packaging is the one you don't need at all, but that's impossible with many of the products of our millennium.

If we're lucky, we can recycle them to a very high degree. And sometimes you can even use them for unusual things. Making candles from the packaging of a milk drink is an example of this. Let's call it a second life for this special packaging. And wax recycling is another example of the efficient use of resources.

This year, the 4th Advent and Christmas Eve have the same date. That's why the 4th candle is something special - just it case you're wondering about the colors.

ActimeRry Christmas!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Engels

Photos: E. Engels