MakerLab@AT: #Honesty

Learning is not straight forward

When you clean up the lab, you always find parts from the old days.  

When we developed our first 3D printers in 2010, it was a real challenge. The extruders clogged, the nozzle was oozing, the fit was questionable, and the number of defective parts was enormous. Barely a decade has passed, and these network media thinks it can tell us that the original design fits on the first try and everything works. You choose the right filter and everything is perfect.

The truth is: great if it works on the first try. But experimentation, trial and error, is a great source of learning and ultimately understanding.

A green wise character said: "The greatest teacher failure is."[1] ... and is so right. It seems there's some value in honesty.

Prof. Dr. E. Engels

Figures: E. Engels

[1]: Star Wars: Episode VIII