Test Bench Mallard

Mallard: a brick of social competence

We have known them since the childhood days when our grandparents took us to the city park and we were allowed to feed ducks. Provided we were lucky enough to have loving grandparents and a pond in the area. Mallards are usually very trusting and, where feeding ducks is allowed and makes sense, perhaps a first step for many children to approach wild animals.

What child does not try to run after a duck and hopefully learn from the adults that you have to respect nature. In other words: Dealing with mallards hopefully teaches us a responsible social behavior towards our environment - if we are lucky.

This is the reason why I named the test rig Mallard, even if it is only a technical device. Mallards are important and thankfully not digital.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Engels

Figures: E. Engels