Research Summer 2023

The oceans cover the largest area of our planet. But when you live hundreds of kilometers away from the coast people may lose the awareness that they polute and destroy the cradle of life.

The well known lyrics "We don't need no education..." from Pink Floyd is certainly just a fatal view. What I mean: Education has a high value but it is definitively not enough to transfer the knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary to make people change their way of behavior nor their mindset. Personal experience could be another brick that needs to be removed from the wall to extend people's horizon - my personal opinion.

Thus even UAS Fulda is far away from the oceans, in my department we work on maritime systems strongly motivated by the desire to teach environmental awareness to those who can positively change the future of our world.

But industrial automation is about technologies, not about philosophie, so our research deals with robotics, drives and controls. I try to use this technical context to build a bridge between this domain and the environmental awareness hoping that young people learn more than just stuff for exams. Research helps me to prepare information for lectures and local projects.

Summer 2023 was a semester that was dedicated to work a bit more concentrated on the Maritime Mobile Robot platform (MMRp).

Here you'll find some information: video presentation

Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Engels

Photos, Video: E. Engels