What are the requirements to engineering education?

In one company I remember very well, there was a slogan. "What are our three priorities?" And the answer was, "The customer, the customer and the customer!"

And that means? You should focus on the customer's requirements!

If you are responsible for product development in an international company selling its portfolio on a global market, you need to be familiar with some basic methods. Requirement management (RM) is one of them. Ok, if you're responsible you're even involved in development the RM processes if not the one defining them.

Even if you are not responsible but work in an expert role, this is a mandatory subject.

What if you are not working as an expert, but in an administrative or sales role? It's still a mandatory subject.


Ok, in product development processes in industry, there is almost no one who is not involved in requirements management, albeit at different levels. Ever heard about stakeholder analysis?

The International R&D Management module has not been offered for a few years, but its parts have been moved to other modules because teaching development disciplines without teaching industrial processes in the background is nice, but not really practical. The Advanced Automation module is a heavily project-oriented module that requires project management skills and some key competencies that students with a Bachelor degree should already have.

The MMRp project is a large-scale project that starts with? Guess what.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Engels

Figures: E. Engels