FiduS - Fit durchs Studium

Exercise breaks cheer you up!

On days when you have long seminar or lecture periods, you might find it increasingly difficult to concentrate – regardless of whether your course is online or in person. Lots of students and teachers at Fulda University want to break up their daily routine with free periods for active physical exercise.

In a health circle, members of the University collected initial ideas on how the plan could be put into practice. The ideas turned into a project, and the project has since become part of everyday life at University through its inclusion in the University sports programme.

FiduS – Fit durchs Studium – and our Digital Exercise Breaks offer teaching staff the chance to book physical exercise breaks for their own classes – both online and in person!

As a student, you are welcome to approach lecturers about your interest in taking exercise breaks and the possibility of booking them.


Please register here to
- book exercise breaks for your (teaching) events
- manage your appointments as a FiduS exercise instructor

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