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Our objectives

"The General University Sports Programme offered by Fulda University of Applied Sciences serves the sporting interests of its members. Its activities specifically aim to promote popular and recreational types of sport" (university law – regulations on general university sport).

The University’s sports programme therefore corresponds to the concept of “sport for all”. Everyone at the University should have the opportunity to enjoy physical exercise, develop friendships, promote mental wellbeing and participate in sporting competitions – according to their abilities and interests.

The programme of activities offered by the Sports Centre is constantly adapted to current needs. In addition to basic types of sport, it includes intermittent courses in paragliding, cycling tours, climbing, back workouts, massage courses, etc. This broad spectrum gives every individual scope for personal development. The instructors, who are usually students themselves, promote a healthy work-life balance between academic or professional work and leisure activities, and thus fulfil the need for "a healthy mind in a healthy body" (mens sana in corpore sano).

Physical health, teamwork skills, consideration of others, fairness and much more – without these values, a humane, dignified life would not be possible, especially in today's success- and performance-driven society. This is why fun, rest, relaxation and camaraderie are as much a part of the University’s sports programme as performance, competitiveness and self-optimisation.

The Sports Centre endeavours to provide adequate training and study conditions for competitive and high-performance athletes.

The Sports Centre attaches great importance to high quality levels and safety standards.  All of our course instructors have the customary qualifications, and for prevention courses, instructors’ licences are sent to and checked by health insurance funds. We are also committed to ensuring that our instructors are trained in safety and first aid. Moreover, they can attend further education courses run by the Sports Centre free of charge.



The University Sports Programme is offered to members of Fulda University of Applied Sciences for the pursuit of recreational and competitive sports. Members of the general public can take part in training sessions and workouts, but participation in competitions is not allowed.

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