Terms of Registration and Participation


Eligible persons

Members of Fulda University and a limited number of non-members are eligible to participate in the activities offered by the Sports Centre.

When you sign up for a class, you declare that you are physically and mentally capable of participating in the activity. The Sports Centre Office can answer any questions you may have about specific athletic requirements.

If any restrictions are in place due to Covid-19, separate rules on participation in on-site activities also apply.

When you sign up for online sports activities offered by the Sports Centre, you ensure that you have the necessary technical equipment and a sufficiently stable internet connection. You also agree to comply with network etiquette and to observe the instructions regarding accident insurance coverage.


Please refer to the respective course details for course fees. The Sports Centre reserves the right to offer free places to participants at a reduced rate after the course has started.

Payment / SEPA direct debit system

The Sports Centre at Fulda University of Applied Sciences uses the SEPA direct debit system. When you sign up for a course, you agree to the course fee being debited from your account and to the direct debit mandate.
The debits are made at the beginning of each month – you will receive notification by email a few days before. By signing up and therefore accepting the Sports Centre’s terms of registration and participation, you accept the SEPA direct debit system.
If the direct debit procedure fails because your bank details are incorrect or there are insufficient funds in your account, the bank charges administrative fees of up to €5 per direct debit attempt, which we will pass on to you.

Your banking details are automatically deleted from the system after booking.


You are required to register online for classes, and registration is binding. The registration button can be found at the bottom of the page of each course description. Registration is also required for free courses. Only registered participants are entitled to take part in courses. Random checks are carried out.

If a course is full, the registration function is deactivated. You can add your name to a waiting list and we will inform you by e-mail if there are any free places.

When you register online, personal data is collected for the purpose of enabling us to supervise the course. The data is processed for this purpose only.

Personal data that is proven to be false can lead to exclusion from the course and, if applicable, additional payment and/or exclusion from participation in all University sports courses.

Adjunct faculty can register as employee (as a proof of affiliation) using their HS Fulda email address.

Withdrawal and reimbursements

If you cancel your registration by mail or post (receipt stamp) up to five working days before the start of the course, we will refund the course fees in full (Saturday does not count as a working day). After the course has started, partial reimbursement of the fees is only possible if you withdraw for health reasons (and present a medical certificate). The medical certificate must be submitted to the Sports Centre within five days of issue, otherwise a refund will no longer be possible. The refundable amount depends on how much of the course has been attended (see table). This is calculated on the basis of the date on which the medical certificate was issued. We retain a minimum of €10 as a processing fee for each refund case.

Reimbursement of course fee
... up to 25 %
60 %
... 26-50 %
40 %
... over 50% of the course has been completed.
No refund

Deposits paid for trips or external sports courses (e.g. paragliding, ski courses, hikes, etc.) are not subject to the above-mentioned repayment regulations. In such cases, different regulations apply depending on the external cooperation partners.

The refunds will always be paid out to your account at the end of the current semester.

Personal liability insurance

There is no liability insurance for participation in University sports.

Accident insurance

During University sports activities, Fulda University students are insured through the Unfallkasse Hessen accident insurance fund.
Sports accidents must be immediately reported to the Fulda branch of Giessen Student Services, Daimler-Benz-Straße 5a, Fulda via the Sports Centre. Accident report forms are available there, in the Sports Centre offices, from course instructors, and they can also be downloaded here. The accident must be reported within three days. After an accident has occurred, an accident insurance consultant must be consulted immediately.
Staff members and employees of Fulda University are covered by statutory accident insurance according to SGB VII (German Social Code VII) (notifications should be submitted on a form to the Human Resources Department) if they take part in University sports courses.
For civil servants, accidents that occur during University sports activities are not considered occupational accidents.
Guests (family members and other participants) taking part in University sports are not covered by accident insurance. In such cases, we recommend guests take out their own insurance. Courses are deemed to be all activities listed in the University sports programme whose instructors have been appointed by the Sports Centre.
Participation in courses offered by external cooperation partners is not covered by the insurance of the Unfallkasse Hessen. In these cases, the Sports Centre merely acts as an intermediary between the sports provider and the sports participant.

Insurance also covers travel to and from competitions as well as all competitive events (DHM, championship competitions, etc.), provided the events have been registered with the Sports Centre and approved by the Sports Centre Office.

With the kind permission of the Unfallkasse Hessen (UKH), we are posting the brochure "Sicherheit im Hochschulsport" (in German only).

Accident insurance cover for live online courses
1.) Make sure you have enough free space to do the exercises.
2.) Make sure the surface you are exercising on is not slippery and wear appropriate clothing.
3.) Only take part in the training sessions if you are mentally and physically capable of doing so.
4.) If you have any pre-existing conditions or physical limitations, please inform the instructor beforehand. You can decide together whether or not the course is suitable for you.
5.) Members of the University (students, employees) are insured against accidents through the Unfallkasse Hessen fund when they participate in live online workouts and relaxation classes offered by the Sports Centre. For civil servants, accidents that occur during University sports activities are not considered occupational accidents.

Risk of theft

To reduce the risk of theft, we ask you not to leave anything in the changing rooms during sports classes, but to take all your belongings with you to the sports facility, particularly valuables (wallets, ID documents, jewellery).

!The Sports Centre accepts no liability for the theft of personal property!

Lost property

Lost property (clothing, jewellery, etc.) is kept by the Student Service Centre (SSC) and can be collected there.

Using sports facilities

When using the sports facilities, strict compliance with the relevant usage regulations must be ensured. You may only wear trainers or sports shoes (that do not mark the floor, outdoor shoes are not permitted) in the sports halls. Damage to fixtures or equipment must be reported immediately.

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