Research Institutions

Concentrating, developing, exploring, coordinating and networking – these words sum up the work of the research institutions at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. The areas in which they are active are as diverse as the assignments and objectives they pursue with their work.

Research Centres

Centre for Intercultural and European Studies (CINTEUS)

The Centre concentrates on the sociological, political, economic and legal perspectives of research into socially relevant problems. It sees itself as an umbrella organisation for activities relating to interdisciplinary knowledge transfer, consulting, the implementation of conference and third-party funded projects and the promotion of young researchers.


Competence Centre Human-Computer Interaction (KMCI)

The task of KMCI is to bring together and to promote the activities of Fulda University in the field of human-computer interaction. Its focuses are usability and user experience as well as teaching and learning with new media. KMCI carries out application-oriented research and development work in interdisciplinary and interdepartmental projects and operates a modern usability laboratory.

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Public Health Centre Fulda (PHZF)

The Public Health Centre Fulda has been one of eight extended public health research centres in Germany since January 2017 and is the only site to specialise in public health nutrition. It is the only institution that researches and teaches in this field in the state of Hesse. The aim of the Public Health Centre Fulda is to study the health of population groups in relation to the social, political and economic development of societies. The Doctoral Research Centre for Public Health is an institutional part of this research centre.


Centre of Research for Society and Sustainability (CeSSt)

The Centre develops and consolidates competencies in terms of sustainable behaviour in a social context. Its tasks are to promote interdisciplinary cooperation, organise conferences and offer sustainability-oriented policy and organisational advice


Centre of Nutrition, Food and Sustainable Supply Systems (ELVe)

ELVe develops sustainable solutions in the fields of nutrition, food sciences and supply systems. The main activities of the centre include research and development, networking and transfer as well as qualification and consulting.

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Fulda Centre for Business Management and Entrepreneurship (FU³)

The aim of the FU³ is to bundle and coordinate all research, networking and transfer activities of Fulda University of Applied Sciences in the field of business management and entrepreneurship. The center is open to interdisciplinary and cross-departmental projects with business, economics and law related content.


Research Networks

Research Network for Social Law and Social (FoSS)

Over 50 researchers from six departments at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and Kassel University have collaborated in the FoSS network since 2013. In seven work groups, projects and publications are initiated, lectures and conferences organised and networks developed with representatives from jurisprudence and social policy.

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House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM)

HOLM is a platform for interdisciplinary and application-based project work, research and further training and continuing education in the areas of logistics, mobility and related disciplines. It brings together various specialist disciplines under one roof and is supported in terms of content by cooperations with business, science and society.

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