Centre of Research for Society and Sustainability

The Centre of Research for Society and Sustainability (CeSSt) conducts interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and supports project-based collaboration within Fulda University of Applied Sciences. CeSSt projects pool the competencies of different departments to explore the possibilities of implementing the idea of sustainability in the areas of social affairs, economics and ecology.

The focus of its work lies, in particular, on the connection between society and sustainability and the interdisciplinary responsibility of transforming the political concept of sustainability into a societal one. CeSSt therefore examines the necessary negotiation processes and the development of discourse and intervention structures for the interaction of civil society and politics to establish the concept of sustainability in political and social practice. The Centre's research output is shared and disseminated widely through knowledge transfer and can be drawn upon as a decision-making basis to adapt management processes in politics and civil society.

CeSST was established as a research centre at Fulda University of Applied Sciences on 1 January 2011. As a civil society actor, the University plays a key role in raising social awareness and encouraging socially responsible development.