Centre for Intercultural and European Studies

Research, knowledge transfer, counseling, continuing education

The Centre for Intercultural and European Studies, CINTEUS, researches developments and issues of high academic and social significance in the present and foreseeable future.

The research foci comprise sociological research on globalisation, migration, inequality and interculturality; research into the economic science aspects of international and transnational issues; research into EU integration and EU policy from the political-science perspective; legal research in the fields of comparative and international labour, social and migration law as well as European law; research in the fields interculturality with respect to communication.

CINTEUS also functions as an umbrella for diverse activities in the fields of social and cultural sciences including knowledge transfer, support of junior researchers, career counseling and continuing education at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. The Centre's activities include externally funded projects, conferences and series of lectures, as well as a CINTEUS series of publications.