10 good reasons

For university studies in Fulda
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Why At all?

Choosing where to study is crucial for your future: Where will I meet fellow students who will become friends for life? How can I live and possibly work for the next 5 years? Do I feel comfortable in the local community?

We are convinced that Fulda offers something for everyone, whether you are a nature lover or a city dweller. In the centre of Germany, at the foot of the Rhön and at the heart of life.

1. lots of selection

Fulda University of Applied Sciences offers around 60 study programmes and continuing education courses. The programmes range from nutrition, health, social and intercultural studies to technology, business and law.

In addition to traditional Bachelor's and Master's programmes, there are also interdisciplinary, part-time and dual study programmes.


Fulda is a beautiful town in the centre of Germany at the foot of the Rhön. The historic centre of the baroque city has a special charm. The green spaces such as the castle gardens or the Fuldaauen are wonderful places to relax from university studies and meet fellow students. It's not only nice to live here, it's also affordable.

3. modern university

Fulda University of Applied Sciences offers its students modern seminar rooms and laboratories. Modern resources with state-of-the-art technology are extremely important for good training. Students at Fulda University of Applied Sciences study and work in modern facilities with high-quality resources.


The campus of Fulda University of Applied Sciences is always worth a visit. Those who study here and can enjoy the extensive grounds are lucky. The campus is home to both charming historical buildings and award-winning modern architecture. The centrepiece is the plane tree courtyard between the library, cafeteria and Student Service Centre. But the sports facilities, the campus garden and the many cosy seating areas are also popular meeting places for students.


Fulda University of Applied Sciences is one of the strongest research universities for applied sciences. This benefits not only researchers, but also students at the university. Innovative research characterises teaching in Fulda and offers students and doctoral candidates the opportunity to participate in exciting research projects.

6. international

Of the approximately 8,800 students at Fulda University of Applied Sciences, around 1,800 do not come from Germany, but from over 100 different countries. This creates an international atmosphere on campus, which enriches the courses and (student) life in the city. The university nurtures many international cooperations with universities and facilities. These partnerships enable students to complete semesters abroad or internships abroad.


One of the great advantages of small towns and small universities is the short distances and personal contact between students and their lecturers. Despite now having almost 9,000 students, Fulda University of Applied Sciences still has a family feel. People know each other and meet up. With numerous support and counselling services, students can seek help with the various challenges of everyday student life.


Fulda University of Applied Sciences is known for its practice-oriented teaching and research. If you really want to make a difference and are looking for a task with meaning, Fulda is the right place for you. Together with its students, Fulda University of Applied Sciences wants to make a positive impact and take responsibility for a good future.

Students sit together in a circle and study


A historic city centre, museums and theatres, restaurants and bars, concerts, clubs and parties, hiking and cycling trails, the mountains of the Rhön. The list of leisure activities in and around Fulda is very long. Sports Centre, music (big band and university choir), student projects, film evenings, university festivals and the International Evening are all on offer on campus.
And if you want even more, you can be in Frankfurt, Kassel or Würzburg in no time at all by train.


You are the best reason. With your university studies in Fulda, you are investing in yourself and your future. Your goals and interests take centre stage. The active participation of the Fulda University of Applied Sciences is at your side with a comprehensive range of counselling services. Secure your place now.

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