Bachelor Applied Computer Science dual

Hey, my name is Anne. I'm studying Applied Computer Science dual at Fulda University since wintersemester 2021/22. My company is Hzd in Hünfeld. They take multiple students each year, which is great because this way you can help and support each other.

Prior to studying IT I've lived close to Bonn and worked as a primary school teacher and learning therapist. As you can see, changing my carreer was a complete "reset", which I don't regret. ;-) So far my exams were good even though I haven't had computer science in school... Since programming is a bit harder for me, I seek help from others for these modules - but I can help with mathematics. ;-) So don't worry, even though it is easier with prior knowledge, it's also manageable without.

As mentor in AI dual I'm there for your questions regarding studies and practical phases! My tip: Connect with your fellow students, this helps a lot! Stop by our mentor-café or contact me via my university mail or Discord.

Contact me via E-Mail at mentoring(at)