Bachelor Business Informatics

Hey, I'm Jonas, 20 years old and I'm studying Business Informatics (WIN) in my 6th semester now.

I started the study right after my high school diploma and despite less previous knowledge I got a good start in the subject of computer science. What I like most about WIN is the coming together of business and computer science, which is not seen as a mere combination of the two fields, but rather as an independent discipline.

I think it's good that the course covers a wide range of skills, so you don't have to commit to a job too early. At Fulda University of Applied Sciences, I particularly like the direct communication with lecturers and professors, which is also made possible by the appropriate number of participants in lectures/exercises.

If you have any questions about WIN or the AI department in general, I'm happy to help.

Contact me via E-Mail at mentoring(at)