Bachelor Digital Media


I'm Nico, 24 years old and studying Digital Media in my 5th semester in the Department of Applied Computer Science. Originally from Hannover, I moved to Fulda for my studies about 2 years ago.

I particularly enjoy the high practical component in the different modules. There are many mandatory and especially elective modules where you program and/or design a larger project at the end of the semester. Like many others, I had not programmed a single line of code before starting my studies. However, it did not take long until I could code my first smaller projects. With the help of tutors, mentors, and other offers from the department, learning the new subject matter was easy for me. I want all students to have this opportunity, which is why you can find me as programming tutor of DM and WIN for about 3 semesters now.

My tip: Get involved in some form at the university. Whether as a mentor, tutor, member of student committees, or in the planning of events such as the "Hochschultage". This way, you get to know many interesting people and get insights into the behind-the-scenes of university life.

Contact me via E-Mail at mentoring(at)