Bachelor Applied Computer Science

Hi there,

My name is Tim, and I'm currently in my 5th semester studying Applied Computer Science at Fulda University of Applied Sciences.
I'm originally from Kassel, where I completed my school education and then spent a year studying Chemistry. For me, transferring from the University of Kassel to Fulda University of Applied Sciences was an excellent decision, as I prefer the practical focus of the latter over the former.

I decided to study computer science, even though I had no prior programming experience. The transition to the new subject matter turned out to be surprisingly easy, in part because other students with prior knowledge were willing to help me with any questions I had.

That's also one of the reasons why I enjoy working as a mentor so much. I want to help others have a good start in their studies, too.

Contact me via E-Mail at mentoring(at)informatik.hs-fulda.de.