Bachelor E-Health


My name is Trang, and I am currently in my 3rd semester studying E-Health at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. Before moving to Fulda for my studies, I worked in the healthcare sector in Berlin.
I especially enjoy the versatility of the programme, as it comprises courses from the departments of Applied Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Health Sciences. It's a perfect combination for those interested in health and technology.

I am not a native German speaker, and I also come from a different field. This, of course, presents some challenges, but the university offers adequate support. The lecturers are very nice and helpful, and you can talk to them anytime. Additionally, I always received great help from tutors and fellow students.

So, don't worry - while having prior knowledge certainly helps, the programme is manageable even without it.

If you're interested in the E-Health programme or have any questions about it, feel free to contact me.

Contact me via E-Mail at mentoring(at)