Prof. Dr. Stamatia Devetzi

Social Security Law

Director of the Master's programme Social Law and Social Economy

Fulda University of Applied Sciences
Building 22, Room 024
Leipziger Straße 123
36037 Fulda
+49 661 9640-4610
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Consultation hours:
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Prof. Dr. Stamatia Devetzi studied law in Athens, Rome and Osnabrück, has a diploma in law from the Law Faculty of University of Athens (1994) and a PhD from Osnabrück University (1998). After working as a legal expert with the German Pensions Insurance Institution (1998-2003), in 2003 she became professor of Social Security Law in Fulda. From 2011-2016 she was delegated as professor for Public Law and European Social Security Law at Osnabrück University. She has been active in teaching and research in the fields of Social Security, European Law and Law Comparison for over 20 years. She is member of the advisory board of FNA (Research Institute of the German Pensions Insurance) and of FIS (Network for Interdisciplinary Research on Social Policy, funded by the German Ministry of Labour.

Areas of Research

  • German and European Social Security Law
  • European Social Policy
  • Legal Comparison

Research Projects

  • Autum 2023: Visiting fellow at LIAS (Leuven Institute for Advanced Studies) – Project: “Principles for a balanced pension reform”
  • DAAD project "Social Security Coordination and Migration - Recent trends and developments through the comparative law lens: a German - Greek perspective" (within the framework of the DAAD programme "University Partnerships with Greece" - cooperation with the Law Faculty of the University of Thessaloniki) Duration 1.1.2020-31.12.2022 Link
  • "Freiheit – Gerechtigkeit – Sozial(es) Recht" (Freedom, Fairness, Social Law) (10/2014-09/2015), Book Project (together with Constanze Janda), financed by Hans-Böckler-Stiftung 
  • "Die Verbindung zu einem (Sozial-)Staat in der Rechtsprechung des Europäischen Gerichtshofs" (The „link“ to a welfare state and the case law of CJEU”) (7/2013-7/2014), research project, University of Osnabrück
  • "Too sick to work? Reforms in European social security systems for persons with reduced earnings capacity" (02/2010-05/2011), research and book project, financed by FNA (Forschungsnetzwerk Alterssicherung) 
  • "Social Security, Supplementary Pensions and New Patterns of Work and Mobility: Researchers’ Profiles" (12/2009-10/2010), Expert group, European Commission, DG Research 
  • "Erwerbsminderungssysteme in Europa – eine rechtsvergleichende Analyse der Niederlande, des Vereinigten Königreichs, Schwedens und Deutschlands“ (Incapacity pension systems in Europe – a comparison between the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany) (04/2010-03/2011), financed by the Commission for Research Promotion of the University of Applied Sciences Fulda 
  • "Active Ageing in Europe" (04/2008-3/2009), financed by the Commission for Research Promotion of the University of Applied Sciences Fulda 
  • "Offene Methode der Koordinierung und Europäisches Sozialmodell" (Open Method of Coordination and European Social Model) (12/2007-01/2009), conference/book project, financed by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung 
  • "Increasing Employability through Activation Policies – a Europeanisation of national strategies" (10/2006-9/2008), research project, together with Sara Stendahl und Thomas Erhag (University of Göteborg)


  • Member of EISS (European Institute of Social Security) Link
  • Member of Internationale Gesellschaft für das Recht der Arbeit und der sozialen Sicherheit (Deutsche Sektion) Link
  • Member of Netzwerk Migrationsrecht Link


Selection of five Publications

  • Practical Issues of European Social Security Law – A Dialogue between Academia and Practitioners (Editor), Ibidem Stuttgart 2022 – Link
  • Social Security in Times of Corona” (Ed., with Angelos Stergiou), Sakkoulas, Athens/Thessaloniki 2021. Link
  • Health and long-term care benefits and the proposed revised coordination regulation: A brave new world or much ado about nothing? (with Jean Mc Hale), European Journal of Social Security, 2020, Vol. 22(2), pp. 180–195. Link
  • EU Citizens, Residence Rights and Solidariy in the Post-Dano/Alimanovic Era in Germany, in: European Journal of Migration and Law 2019, pp. 338–357. Link
  • Familienleistungen im Kontext der Freizügigkeit, Neue Zeitschrift für Sozialrecht 2017, S. 881–886.
  • „Sicherheit – Gerechtigkeit – Sozial(es) Recht“ - Festschrift für Eberhard Eichenhofer (Hrsg./Ed., zusammen mit Constanze Janda), Nomos, Baden-Baden 2015. Link

complete list of publications



  • 15.9.2023, ERA Trier „Summer Course on European Social Security Law“. Title of the presentation: „Family benefits“
  • 21.11.2022,   Deutschen Rentenversicherung, Conference „Alterssicherung im internationalen Vergleich und europäische Sozialpolitik“, Erkner. Title of the presentation „Erwerbsminderung anders absichern“
  • 15.9.2022, University of Kassel, Conference „Challenges of sustainability research“. Title of the presentation: „Minimum Income in Old-Age“
  • 13.9.2022, ERA Trier „Summer Course on European Social Security Law“. Title of the presentation: „Family benefits“
  • 18.6.2022, Conference „Minimum Income in Old Age“, Fulda Transfer. Title of the presentation: „Comparative Aspects and European Law Questions“
  • 8.6.2022, Conference „Corona-Europäische Gesundheitssysteme und ihre neuen Herausforderungen“, Deutsche Richterakademie, Trier. Title of the presentation: „Soziale Sicherheit in Zeiten der Pandemie – Ein Rechtsvergleich mit Fokus auf dem Krankenversicherungs- und Koordinationsrecht“
  • 24.3.2022, Conference „Europäisches Sozialrecht“, Deutsche Richterakademie Trier. Title of the presentation: „Aktuelle Fragen der Koordinierung der Familienleistungen“
  • 11.2.2022: Lecture FNA-Conference „Die soziale Sicherung der Erwerbsminderung“. Titel des Vortrags: „Erwerbsminderung anders absichern: Entwicklungen in Europa“
  • 15.9.2021: Lecture online-ERA Trier „Summer Course on European Social Security Law“. Title of the presentation: „Export of Family benefits“
  • 19.11.2019, Brussels, lecture at the workshop of the EU Parliament "The “Working Poor” and EU Free Movement: The Notion of “Worker” in the Context of Low-wage and Low-hour Employment", Workshop hosted by Estrella Durá Ferrandis MEP, Socialists and Democrats. Title of the presentation: "Low-wage and low-hour employment in Germany"
  • 23.9.2019, University of Athens, Law Faculty, Conference „Trends and developments in social protection law”, Athen. Title of the presentation: „Solidarity and the relationship between Reg. 883/04 and 492/2011“
  • 14.3.2019, VI European Labour Mobility Congress, Krakow, Panel discussion “Social security of posted and sent workers”

more: Link

Further Functions

  • Director of the Center for Intercultural and European Studies (CINTEUS) of the University of Applied Sciences Fulda Link
  • Member of the FNA advisory council (Forschungsnetzwerk Alterssicherung) Link
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Promotionskolleg "Soziale Menschenrechte" (Kassel University/ Fulda University of Applied Sciences) Link



Organisation of the EISS/Cinteus Conference: Provision for Surviving Dependants in Social Security: A New Architecture for the 21st Century?”, 21-22. September 2023, Fulda,

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