Information on library opening at Corona times

UPDATE June 7th 2022:
• Recommendation to wear masks
There is a strong recommendation to wear a medical mask in the university buildings. Wearing an FFP2 mask offers greater protection against infection and is therefore still recommended as a priority. This applies equally to employees, students and externals.

• Maintaining minimum distances
If masks are not worn, minimum distances should still be observed.

Service, advice and training offers

We are always there for you and are pleased to help you. You can contact us:

  • in person at the service desks,
  • by phone: 0661/9640-9810 (Campus), -9850 (Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz), -9880 (Children and Young Adults Department),
  • or write to: service(at) or kiju(at) (Children and Youth Adult Department).
  • For special questions about literature search in FILIP, for questions regarding literature search in databases or the reference management software Citavi please contact the training team at Campus location. Reachable by telephone at 0661 / 9640-9821, -9822 or write to: schulungsteam-c(at)
    Our training and consulting services are also available as online meetings.
  • For questions about e-media: emedien(at)
  • For questions about our historical holdings: rara(at)

What is possible in detail? (As of June 6th)

What is possible in detail?CampusHeinrich von Bibra Platz
Openingsee page marginsee page margin
Vaccinated, recovered, tested? 3G-Proof not required 3G-Proof not required
Mask-wearing not mandatory but recommended Sufficient minimum distance (1.5m) should still be ensured. i  not mandatory but recommended Sufficient
minimum distance
(1.5m) should still
be ensured.
Contact tracing not required not required
Public servicesCampusHeinrich von Bibra Platz
Access to pick up shelf Yes Yes
Access and withdrawal from the shelves Yes (no access limitation) Yes (no access limitation)
Library as a place to learn and stay Yes (no access limitation) Yes (no access limitation)
Borrowing media (self check maschine) Loan periods as usual i  Yes Yes
Inter library loan Yes Yes
Returning media (self check maschine) Yes also outdoor book return 24/7 i  Yes
Returning media via post On your own responsibility and at your own expense; take due dates and delivery time into account i  Yes Yes
Renewals online Renew loans through your library account;
only within loan period;
only items not charged with any holds/fees
Yes Yes
Media requests online Request media from closed or open stacks for the pickup shelf; you will receive notification by email when the items are ready to pick up i  Yes Yes
Reminders Fees, loan periods as usual i  Yes Yes
Paying fees (pay maschine) Yes cashless only
by EC card
Yes cash or
by EC card
Transfer fees Payee: Hochschule Fulda
IBAN: DE85 5005 0000 0001 0064 93
payment reference: Mahngebühren HLB, [library card number], [surname] [first name]
Yes Yes
InformationCampusHeinrich von Bibra Platz
Information on-site Yes Yes
Information by phone During service hours;
0661 / 9640-9810
Heinrich von Bibra Platz:
0661 / 9640-9850
Yes Yes
Information by e-mail Yes Yes
Literature search consulting on-site Yes Yes
Literature search consulting online
(Online meetings; by appointment)
Guided tours / trainings on-site (appointment calendar) Yes Yes
Introductions / trainings online
(Online meetings; appointment calendar)
Rooms, reading places, working placesCampusHeinrich von Bibra Platz
Working places / reading places Yes (no access limitation) Yes (no access limitation)
Carrels / carrel reservations Yes (reservations possible) 
Reading room  Yes (no access limitation)
Readers' café Yes (no access limitation) Yes (no access limitation)
Newspaper consulting on-site Yes Yes
study and learning room  Yes
Special collections room by appointment 
Exhibition room  Yes
Training room Yes 
Children and youth department  Yes (no access limitation)
Technical servicesCampusHeinrich von Bibra Platz
Computer places Yes Yes
Copiers, scanners Yes Yes
Scan service Yes Yes
Reproductions  Yes



+49 661 9640-9810/-9850

Opening hours

Location Campus: 
Mon - Fri: 08.00am - 09.00pm
Sat: 10.00am - 05:30pm

Location Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz:
Mon,Wed,Thu: 09.30am-05.00pm
Tue, Fri: 09.30am - 06.00pm
Sat: 09.30am - 12.30pm