Databases are systematic collections that are available online. You can search databases for specific literature (references and possibly full texts), facts and information of all kinds.
You can find databases by searching the Datenbank-Infosystem (Database Information System) DBIS.

New acquisitions:

How to use Database Information System (DBIS)

Note: The DBIS search interface is available in German only!
There are:

Subject bibliographiesEssay databases
Full text databasesDictionaries, encyclopaedias, reference guides
Address and company directories    Fact databases

Access to the databases is indicated by traffic light symbols:

Free access
Free access in Germany with the support of the DFG.
Licenced by the University and State Library Fulda, available in the university network.

To carry out a search in your chosen database, please follow the instructions on the provider’s website. If no full text is available in the database, use the bibliographic data to check FILIP for availability in the library.

Selected licenced databases can be searched directly via FILIP by using the “Databases” tab. Follow the links “Zum Volltext” (full text) or “Prüfe Verfügbarkeit” (check availability) for information on access options.

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Database Information System

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