Journals and newspapers

The HLB offers a wide range of printed and electronic journals and newspapers at both locations. You can search for them in FILIP.

All kinds of journals and newspapers are available, including:

  • scientific journals
  • daily and weekly newspapers
  • special-interest magazines (professions, hobbies, leisure, etc.)

Many of these are in German, of course, but publications in other languages are also available.

Electronic Journals
Electronic Journals can also be found in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) or in Onleihe.

Printed Journals
Printed Journals, newspapers and magazines can be found under different shelf marks at both locations.

Campus location

On the ground floor of the Campus location, you will find a selection of regional, national and international daily and weekly newspapers in different languages. A small selection of news magazines and special-interest journals covering a wide range of subjects is also available here.

Scientific journals are located on the first floor. Issues from the current year are kept in the journal boxes, older issues are available in bound volumes.
Please note: newspapers and journals from the Campus location cannot be borrowed.

Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz location

A small number of foreign language magazines is also available at the Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz location.
With the exception of the latest issue, all of these magazines can be borrowed.

Contact info


+49 661 9640-9810/-9850

Contact info

Britta Frixel

+49 661 9640-9877