Copy, scan, print

Several photocopying machines and scanners are available at both locations. Our multifunctional photocopiers, which can also print and scan, can be used for a small fee. The book scanners are free of charge.

Please respect copyright laws when using the devices!

Multifunctional photocopiers

The photocopiers can copy, scan and print in black/white and colour. The maximum format is DIN A3. One device at each location is coin operated, the others with your university identity card.

Using your (student) identity card
You need to charge your card with a copy budget before using the photocopier. Charging stations are located in the Copy Shop in building 51(G) or on the ground floor of building 46(E)
Note: This is NOT your cafeteria budget!
Special conditions may apply for employees. Please check with your supervisor.


per pagein DIN A4in DIN A3
black/white single-sided0.05 €0.10 €
black/white double-sided0.10 €0.20 €
colored single-sided0.25 €0.50 €
colored double-sided0.50 €1.00 €

Short instructions are available in German.

When printing a document from one of our computers with internet access, please choose colour, size etc. on the computer (“Druckeinstellungen”). You cannot change settings on the photocopier.
It is also not possible to print directly from a USB flash drive at the photocopier.

This service is only available to members of Fulda University, who must use their identity card. The scanned document is sent to your university email address.

Book scanner

Our free scanners allow you to easily scan and save books and documents in various formats on a USB flash drive, or you can send them to an email account.
Please note:

  • Files sent via email must not exceed 40 MBs.
  • Check the maximum file size that you can receive with your email provider.
  • USB devices must be compatible with Windows.

Contact info

HLB IT-Support

+49 661 9640-9841/-9840