Laptops for loan

Students at Fulda University can borrow laptops free of charge.

Where and how can I borrow a laptop?

Search FILIP for “laptop HLB” and order one, which is available. Come with your library card to the service desk during service hours. There you sign a lending contract and the laptop is booked to your library account. Only one laptop can be borrowed per person. If all laptops are borrowed, reservations are possible.

How long can I use the laptop and how do I return it?

The loan period is 28 days with the option of three renewals if there are no reservations.

Please return the laptop during service hours at the service desk at Campus location. We will check the condition and perform a restart. Upon request, you will receive a copy of the loan contract with a certificate of return.

What do I have to pay attention to?

Please save your data either on your personal network drive from the university or on your USB flash drive to avoid data loss.

A maximum of 16 GB of memory space is available on the laptop. As soon as this limit is exceeded, the laptop is reset to the default settings at the next restart and your data stored on the laptop is lost.


Contact info

Service Campus

+49 661 9640-9810

Available laptops

Available laptops


Where can I find ...

... the laptops?