Reproduction service

You can’t find what you’re looking for in our digital library FulDig, or you need high-resolution image files from our historic stock for academic purposes or work on local history?
For a fee, you can place an order with our reproduction service.

Wich documents can be reproduced?

You can order reproductions of manuscripts and old prints if this is possible from a conservational, technical or legal point of view. If this is not the case, we will have to reject your digitisation request.

How can I place an order?

Please use our order form (deutsch, english) and send it by email to or in printed form by mail or fax to the University and State Library Fulda.

Please use a separate form for each document.

What are the reproduction formats?

Images from our historic stock are provided as TIFF files via download link (€3) or on a USB flash drive (€8 + €3 shipping costs).

What do I have to bear in mind?

Please note that some works cannot be digitalised for conservational, technical or legal reasons, so your order will have to be rejected.

After the scans have been made, you – the client – are responsible for complying with copyright regulations (rights of personality) and rights of use.

Please complete the order form. Orders with incomplete information cannot be processed.

What do I have to remember with items from interlibrary loan?

Digital reproductions of items from the interlibrary loan service which are subject to a copy ban are only possible with the consent of the lending library.
Please contact the service desk at the Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz location.

What are the costs?

A processing fee of 5,00€ is charged for each reproduction order.
Please specify how you wish to receive the reproduction and the number of pages you are ordering so that final price can be calculated.

Costs of digital reproductions

Per scanned page0,50 €
Delivery via download link+ 3,00 €
On a flash drive+ 8,00 €
+postage3,00 €
+ Processing fee5,00 €

Please note that a download link might not be possible depending on the number and size of the requested files.

Publication fees
1.    Publication of reproductions in printed essays or books

Number of Copies
Per reproduktion
Up to 1.00017,00 €
Up to 5.00044,00 €
Up to 10.00066,00 €
Up to 100.00088,00 €
Over 100.000143,00 €
Publication on cover page+ 75,00 € zzgl.

2.    Publication of reproductions in digital form (essays or books published online only)

As an internationally available version of a monograph on the internet50,00 €
As an internationally available version of an article on the internet25,00 €
Publication on the cover page+ 75,00 € zzgl

For publications in hybrid form (printed and online open access), costs are calculated according to the number of copies published (see point 1)

These fees are for high-resolution image files. Digitised images from our digital library “FulDig” may be used freely, as long as they are published under the licence CC-BY-SA 4.0.

3.    Publication of reproductions for exhibitions

On exhibition posters (up to the format size 30 x 42 cm)150 €
On exhibition posters (large-format poster, over 30 x 42 cm)250 €
For the design of exhibition spaces at a permanent exhibition150 €
For the design of exhibition spaces at a special exhibition75 €
For the design of flyers50 €

⇒ The use of images for purposes not stated above (e.g. on postcards, calendars or other merchandise items) is prohibited.

4.    Publication of reproductions in television shows, video productions or movies

 Per reproduktion
National28,00 €
Europe44,00 €
International83,00 €

5.    Publication of reproductions on the internet

 Per reproduktion
Up to one year44,00 €
Over one year110,00 €

How long does a reproduction order take to process

The reproduction service is offered on a voluntary basis by the University and State Library Fulda. Please bear in mind that delivery may take between two and three weeks.

How do I pay for reproduction orders?

You will receive an invoice for reproduction orders. Payment is made by bank transfer to:

Hochschule Fulda, Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba)
IBAN: DE85 5005 0000 0001 0064 93.
The payment reference should include the following information: 400419, your name and the book number of the requested publication.

Contact info


Nadine Hecht

+49 661 9640-9844

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