Library rules

Walk, don’t run – Entering the library
It’s best to do your early-morning sports at home or outdoors! Try to enter the library on a steady pace – crowds and races may lead to injuries.
Less is more – the library lockers
Leave bags in lockers (operated with student identity cards or keys/deposits). This protects your property against theft and allows you to concentrate on what’s really important.
Everybody is listening – the importance of silence in the library
If you need to take a break from studying, visit our reader’s café, use our group study rooms for larger meetings, or find a place outside the library where you can talk with your friends without disturbing others. Remember that you too appreciate working in a quiet environment.
A luxury – mobile-free time
You come to the library to concentrate and work without distractions? So remember to switch off your phone and talk only outside the library building. Your work will benefit and your neighbours will thank you!
Be collegial rather than antisocial – work places in the library
There are often more students looking for workspace than available desks in the library. This is why it’s important not to reserve desks for too long and to vacate your space if you are absent for more than 30 minutes. Remember that collegiality is a social skill required in ALL professions.
Take a break – eating and drinking in the library
How can you concentrate if the person next to you is biting into a crisp apple, slurping coffee, or all you can smell is chocolate, cheese or sausage? Would you be happy if your laptop ended up in the puddle of coffee left by the person sitting at your desk before you? Take a refreshment break, but please do so outside the library – for example in the cafeteria.
By the way, we like you to feel relaxed when you’re working in the library, but please leave your feet on the floor and your shoes on your feet!
In closing – library closing times
We understand that you like to stay in the library – it’s comfortable, warm and a stimulating place to work, and of course we are happy to help you with any questions.
However, please respect our generous opening hours and allow the library staff and our student helpers to finish on time at the end of their workday. This way we are fit and able to answer all your questions the next day.