Children follow a children's university presentation on sports medicine

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For children and young people

children's university

Fulda University of Applied Sciences and the Fulda Children's Academy are offering a series of lectures for curious children.

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MINTmachClub Fulda

The MINTmachClub Fulda offers programs for children and young people on MINT topics.

Girls' and Boys' Day

Girls' and Boys' Day aims to encourage girls and boys to set the course for their professional future beyond traditional role…


For the upper school

Hesse Technical Centre

The Hessen-Technikum is a unique scholarship programme for professional and study orientation for young women with an interest in…

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Junior study programme

The junior degree programme gives committed and gifted pupils the opportunity to gain an insight into a subject and student life.

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For schools

School co-operations

We look forward to welcoming your students to campus, but we also bring the university into your classroom.

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Information on the EU

The EU Information Centre EUROPE DIRECT Fulda offers schools and teaching staff special offers on the European Union.

Inform about the EU

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Children discover HLB avoidance
University and State Library

Offers for daycare centres and school classes

Employees of the EUROPE Direct office in Fulda provide information on EU policy

EUROPE DIRECT offers citizens the opportunity to get to know the European Union better and to help shape it.