Admission with an international degree

Application periode ends: for Non-EU Nationals May 15, 2021/ for EU-Nationals July 15, 2021

The application portal for the next intake will re-open in January 2021. Please apply as soon as possible as we assess the application continuously; please finalize your application asap and do not wait until the deadline. We do not have a quota.

Step 1: Check your eligibility

To be eligible for admission to the IFBC Master programme, you

  • hold a Bachelor degree with a minimum duration of six semesters (180 ECTS credits or equivalent), in Nutritional and Food Science, Agricultural Sciences, Food Technology, or related fields,
  • with grade B (2.5 according to the German grading system) or better
  • certify sufficient language proficiency in English as a Non-native speaker by
    • Previous studies conducted entirely in English
    • or evidence of having successfully completed a language course if a final certificate was issued of level C1 or equivalent (>> link to web page University of Kassel) based on the Common Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF)
    • or International language certificate of level B2 according to the Common Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) only if you as anapplicant have been working at least one year in an organisation where the communication is English within the last two years prior to the application.

Step 2: Check the documents for your ap­plic­a­tion via uni-as­sist

Please make sure to add the following documents to your application:

  • The school certificate that entitles you to study at a university in your home country.
  • Applicants from China, Mongolia or Vietnam have to provide an APS certificate.
  • The degree of your current university.
  • Transcript of records including your grades of your prior and/or current studies at a university.
  • Certificates of English language skills on the required level C1 and according to the Common European Framework (CEF).
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • 2 Letters of References

Please make sure to hand in two sets of your documents at uni-assist:

  1. authenticated copies in the original language,
  2. authenticated copies in a translated version (German or English).

Please make sure to not hand in original documents since they will not be returned to you!

Uploaded documents at uni-assist will not be taken into consideration until the complete application set is send via postmail.


Step 3: Submit your application to uni assist

+++The University of Kassel is in charge of the application process for the IFBC applicants. Several links guide you directly to the website of Kassel university+++

Applications from students with international qualifications, need to be processed online by uni-assist - an admissions service for German universities.

Please register in the uni-assist online portal, and start your indivual application process in uni assist. How to get the application process in uni assist started and further details you find under step-by-step information (pdf with screenshots)

Please follow the application process as requested within the "uni-assist" system and then send the completed application documents.

Please note: Incomplete application sets and applications handed in at uni-assist after the application deadline will not be taken into consideration. Only complete applications including the handling costs, will be processed (more on the payment of the handling costs)

All corresponding documents have to be send directly to the following address:  

University of Kassel
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Geneststrasse 5
10829 Berlin

Step 4: Do not miss the application deadlines

Application deadlines are for

  • Non-EU Nationals who have earned a first degree outside Germany - May 15
  • EU-Nationals who have earned a first degree outside Germany  - JULY 15

We urge you to submit your application well before the deadlines. Applications should be submitted as early as possible. The admission board assess the applications continously.

Entry is yearly in winter term, only.

Step 5: Pay the handling costs

The handling fees for a first application at a uni-assist member university is EUR 75.

For each additional desired course of study the fee isEUR 30.

Status: March 2018 - please check on the uni-assist website for details.

Step 6: Track the application process after the successful application

  1. uni-assist evaluates your application with regard to formal admission criteria given of the programme  (see Step 1: Check your elegibility).
    a) If documents / certificates for pre-evaluating your application set are required, you will be contacted by uni-assist. Please note the additional deadline to hand in those documents (see Step 2: Check the documents for your ap­plic­a­tion via uni-as­sist).
    b) If you do not meet the formal criteria of the programme or your previous studies are not acknowledged in Germany, uni-assist will inform you via email. Your documents will not be forwarded to the IFBC admission board.  An admission is not possible.  If you meet the formal requirements uni-assist forwards your data to the IFBC admission board. You will be informed via email about this procedure
    You may now start your visa application. The University of Kassel will provide you with a letter for your Visa application. Please contact the Master’s office of the University of Kassel. However, this letter is no admission confirmation. Its purpose is to help you with an early visa application.
  2. The IFBC admission board now evaluates your eligibility with regard to your previous studies and study content.
  3. You will be informed about the admission or disaffirmation via email by the Master’s office of the University of Kassel. Please read the admission letter carefully since it contains enrolment information. The evaluation of your application set by uni-assist and the IFBC admission board takes up to 6 weeks. It is in your interest to apply as early as possible to ensure your arrival in Germany prior to the beginning of the semester.
  4. In case further documents for pre-evaluating your application set are required, you will be contacted by uni-assist. If you do not meet the formal criteria of the programme, uni-assist will inform you directly. Your documents will not be forwarded to IFBC admission board.
  5. Uni-assist will keep your documents saved for four years as data package. Documents will only be forwarded to the university of your choice. After those four years, your documents will be deleted.
  6. It is not possible to return the certificates, however.


Step 7: How to en­rol to the programme and more

You received an admission letter for the Master programme? You successfully applied for your Visa? Now it is time to get registered as an official student into the IFBC programme. Since the University is in charge of the first enrolment, please follow these steps - subsequently you will be enrolled at Fulda University of Applied Sciences:

Please contact the coordinators of the programme ( and to confirm your participation in the programme.  You will receive separate information letters from each coordinator of  the University of Kassel, Campus Witzenhausen and of the Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

Once you arrive in Germany compulsory first steps are the Residence registration*, opening a bank account and contacting a public health insurance.

1. After opening a bank account and signing the contract with a health insurance, please visit the Master’s office of Kassel University in Kassel.
2. Please bring along the enrolment application (see the following link) as well as a proof of your public health insurance in Germany and a copy of your admission letter - Application for enrolment (Einschreibeantrag)
3. The Master’s office needs about 2 to 5 days to process your enrolment. You will receive a letter confirming your enrolment to your German address. The letter contains detailed information on how to transfer the semester fee.
4. You need to transfer the semester fee within two weeks after receiving the enrolment information. Otherwise, your seat will be given to another applicant and an enrolment is no longer possible.
5. As soon as your semester fee is booked, you will receive your student papers including the semester ticket for public transportation via postal mail. Please make sure that your name is written on your letter box.
6. Finally, please visit the following websites to find more information on how to organize your stay in Germany and how to get prepared. It is also highly recommended to participate in the introduction programme help you get acquainted with the Campuses and your studies - more on Freshers’ week

Since the above mentioned procedures might take up to 14 days, you are kindly asked to arrive in Germany prior to 1st October for winter semester intake. Otherwise, it is doubtful that you receive your semester ticket on time to already use it with the beginning October.

For formal questions regarding the application procedure, your application set or additional documents, please write to the Master’s office: If already available, please name your application number!


*You have various options for accommodation: Witzenhausen, Fulda, Kassel, or Göttingen.

Accommodation in Witzenhausen - please note that the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences of the University of Kassel is situated in Witzenhausen, 40 km away from Kassel:

  • We recommend you to sign up for a room at a student residence hall in Witzenhausen. Therefore, you should contact Studentenwerk Kassel/Witzenhausen
  • Please be aware that a lot of students applying for rooms, so first comes first served. If you have friends or fellow countrymen in Witzenhausen who will help you to find a room this might be a good solution.

Accommodation in Fulda - please note that the lecture days at Campus Fulda are Mondays and Fridays, only:

  • housing options more information on Fulda - please be aware: the International Office, Campus Fulda only supports exchange students in finding accommodation!

Who do I con­tact with fur­ther ques­tions?


About the application: If you have any questions about the application procedure, your application or the application documents, please contact the master’s degree office: masterstudium(at) If you already have an applicant’s number, please make sure that you quote this in your e-mail. 

About technical problems: If you have technical problems, please use the uni-assist contact form: uni-assist contact form.

About the course content: If you have any questions about the course structure and the course content of a master’s degree course, please contact the programme coordinators of the Master programm in Witzenhausen or in Fulda - see below.

Your contact - Campus Witzenhausen

Ute Gilles

Campus Witzenhausen

International Affairs

Building Campus Witzenhausen
Ute Gilles+49 5542 98 1214
Consultation hours
by appointment

Your contact - Campus Witzenhausen

Helga Keil


Building 40 , Room 101
Helga Keil+49 661 9640-356
Consultation hours
nach Vereinbarung per Telefon oder Mail