Alumni Stories

Catching up with... Deepali

- Quality Manager, Air Up GmbH -

What have you been up to since graduating? And how did you get your current position?

I am Deepali Talwar from India and graduated in 2020 with a Master of Science IFBC. Currently I am working as Quality Manager with focus on business expansion and supply chain management at Air Up GmbH in Munich, Germany. In my case, LinkedIn was the platform that helped me to find my current position. I just applied via LinkedIn.

Any challenge that you face?

Graduating in middle of global pandemic was a very difficult time. Sometimes the motivation was difficult to even apply for jobs but I just keep consistency in my routine and no matter what, never feared a rejection and kept on applying for opportunities.

What was your motivation for choosing that job?

I like the work environment, I like the idea of working on innovative products and that with more than 30 nationalities our team is very international.

What experience do you take out of the IFBC programme?

IFBC has taught me to be patient and explore the world. Due to the multi culture programme it is very easy for me to adjust in my current job, which requires me to work with people from around the work. The IFBC curriculum enabled me to understand better the time management and project management, which is proving to be an asset for my current position. This makes me feel prepared for my current job.

Did you have an idea where IFBC will lead you? Was the content of the programme a revelation to you?

I was always interested in the business side of food industry and IFBC enabled me to explore it. Currently I work as a quality manager with focus on business expansion and supply chain management; these subjects were my focus in the IFBC programme.

What advice will you give to your 18-year-old-self?

Keep trying no matter what. Only hard work and consistency will lead to the right path.