Admissions with a German degree

Application period: 01.05.2022 - 1.09.2022

Step 1: Check your eligibility

To be eligible for admission to the IFBC Master programme, you

  • hold a Bachelor degree with a minimum duration of six semesters (180 ECTS credits or equivalent), in nutrition, food or agricultural sciences, or related fields e.g. food technology,
  • with grade B (2.5 according to the German grading system) or better
  • certify sufficient proficieny in English language as a Non-native speaker by
    • Previous studies conducted entirely in English
    • or evidence of having successfully completed a language course if a final certificate was issued of level C1 or equivalent (>> link to web page University of Kassel) based on the Common Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF)
    • or International language certificate of level B2 according to the CEF only if you as applicant have been working at least one year in an organisation where the communication is English within the last two years prior to the application.

Step 2: Check your application documents

Please enclose the following documents with your official application after you have completed and signed it:
If you already have a Bachelor’s degree:

  1. copy of your university degree (German degree, bachelor’s degree or the specialist equivalent).
  2. complete summary of subjects and grades (transcript of records) as oficially certified copies.
  3. evidence of an adequate knowledge of the English language (see step 1).
  4. CV
  5. motivation letter
  6. two references.

If you do not yet have a Bachelor’s degree:

  1. an interim summary of subjects and grades (transcript of records) from your current degree programme.
  2. written confirmation of your progress in your course, completed and signed by your current examinations office.
  3. evidence of an adequate knowledge of the English language (see step 1).
  4. CV
  5. motivation letter
  6. two references.

You must have already completed and passed at least 80% of the work required for your degree by the time you submit your application. This is the equivalent of 144 of 180 credits or 168 of 210 credits. You must also provide evidence of your acceptance for a dissertation (please specify the submission deadline).

Please note that your documents will only be processed if your application is complete and has been received on time.

Step 3: How do I ap­ply for this Mas­ter’s de­gree course?

+++The University of Kassel is in charge of the application process for the IFBC applicants. Several links guide you directly to the website of Kassel university+++

Applications from students with a degree earned inside Germany Please apply via the online application portal for master’s degree programmes at the Kassel University.

Please register on the online platform eCampus of Kassel University. Please follow the application process as requested.

IMPORTANT: Only complete applications will be processed.

Step 4: Do not miss the application deadlines

Application deadline for

  • Applicants who have earned a first degree inside Germany - September 1 

We urge you to submit your application well before the deadlines. Applications should be submitted as early as possible.

Entry is yearly in winter term, only.

- status 12/2021 subject to changes -

Step 5: What hap­pens after I have sub­mit­ted my ap­plic­a­tion?

  1. As soon as your application has been received, you will receive a digital acknowledgement of receipt.
  2. The e-mail also contains information about logging into the application portal. You will need your applicant’s number for this.
  3. Your application will then be checked to see whether it is complete and correct in formal terms. If any documents are missing, you will be informed of this by e-mail. So please check the spam filter in your mail programme too.
  4. If your documents are complete, your application will be passed on to the IFBC admission board. It will check the contents of your application. The board will decide whether your qualifications match the requirements and whether to recognise your achievements in the past; it will make a decision to admit or reject you and may also set other content-related conditions.
  5. If the IFBC admission board does not have all the documents for its specialist review, the master’s degree office will send you an e-mail to inform you of this.
  6. The decision taken by the board will be passed on to the master’s degree office digitally.

The assessment and enrolment procedure described here may take up to 6 weeks during the peak phase of the application process! Please refrain for making any enquiries about your application during this time.

Step 6: What hap­pens after I have been ac­cep­ted?

Please contact the coordinators of the programme ( and to confirm your participation in the programme.  You will receive separate information letters from each coordinator of  the University of Kassel, Campus Witzenhausen and of the Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

  1. You will receive an automatically generated acceptance mail. The e-mail contains important information about the introductory courses. 
  2. You will be enrolled for the master’s degree course. Following the enrolment, you will be sent the confirmation of acceptance for studies with further information on any documents that might be missing, any content-related conditions needing to be met and payment of the semester fees in the post. Please note the deadlines for submitting the documents and paying the semester fees.  
  3.  If you have been accepted for several master’s degree courses, you will be enrolled for all of them. The enrolment can be cancelled provided that you apply to withdraw from one or several master’s degree courses by the start of the semester.
  4. The assessment and enrolment procedure described here may take up to 6 weeks during the peak phase of the application process! Please refrain for making any enquiries about your application during this time.
  5. Introductory events will take place before you start your studies. The key questions on the structure of your course will be answered there. There are tips and information about the organisation and course of studies. And you will get to know your fellow-students too: so do not miss out!

Who do I con­tact with fur­ther ques­tions?


About the application: If you have any questions about the application procedure, your application or the application documents, please contact the master’s degree office: If you already have an applicant’s number, please make sure that you quote this in your e-mail. 

About the course content: If you have any questions about the course structure and the course content of a master’s degree course, please contact the programme coordinators of the Master programm in Witzenhausen or in Fulda - see below.

Your contact - Campus Witzenhausen

Ute Gilles

Campus Witzenhausen

International Study Affairs

Building Campus Witzenhausen
Ute Gilles+49 5542 98 1214
Consultation hours
by appointment

Your contact - Campus Witzenhausen

Helga Keil

Programme Coordinator

Building 40 , Room 101
Helga Keil+49 661 9640-356
Consultation hours
by appointment


online application via eCampus of Kassel University