Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The current corona crisis brings up many questions. This also affects your studies. On this page we have summarized important questions and the corresponding answers, which will be continuously updated and supplemented.

Important: Please check the inbox of your university email address regularly! The Student Administration uses this channel to inform you about topics concerning your studies.

Generally, the following applies: Please direct any questions regarding courses and their attendances to the department. Questions about examinations and their registration should be directed to the Student Administration.


Summer semester 2020

Is it allowed to enter the campus again?

Yes. It is allowed to enter the campus again even if courses in the summer semester are only being offered online. Use of the sports field and barbecue area is still prohibited.
The standard hygiene rules apply on campus. These include maintaining a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres between yourself and other people. When this is not possible, a nose-and-mouth mask must be worn.

Buildings may only be entered with prior approval, for example to attend laboratory sessions and examinations.

Other openings:
Since the beginning of June, the university cafeteria has also offered food and drink at lunchtimes again. The seating facilities outside the cafeteria may be used. Please follow the student services' instructions and distancing signage.

From 1 July, the Copy Shop will be open again at the regular times: Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 12.30 pm.

The University and State Library (HLB) has expanded its basic services on campus. University members can use workplaces on campus again.

As soon as other arrangements are introduced to relax these measures, Student Administration will inform you by email, via social media networks and on this FAQ page.

When will the cafeteria serve food and drinks again?

On Monday, 8 June, the canteen on the campus of Fulda University of Applied Sciences will open again – with a hygiene concept and modified seating arrangements and a special guiding system. From Monday to Friday between 12:00 pm and 14:00 pm, approximately 130 seats are available for students and employees of Fulda University of Applied Sciences, both inside and outside.

Please find further information about the opening of the cafeteria here.

What library media can I use or borrow?

The University and State Library (HLB) has expanded its basic services on campus, taking into account the current recommendations on infection protection.
Please view current HLB regulations.

Can I use a workplace in the library (campus location)?

A maximum of 75 people can use the workplaces in the libary at campus at the same time. This offer applies exclusively to university members, i.e. students and employees.

Please view current HLB regulations.

Is it possible to receive copies/scans of non-accessible literature in the library (HLB)?

Yes, you can. The library offers students a scan service for literature, which is currently not accessible. Copies of specialist literature can only be made from the printed inventory of the library on Campus (with the exception of the old stock at Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz), provided the media has not been borrowed. Please use theorder form. You can pick up the copies at the  service counter.

Where can I find information about tools, software etc. for online teaching and do you provide support if I have any questions?

In order to best maintain teaching operations in virtual form during the summer semester 2020, the Office for Learning and Teaching (DLS) has compiled information on effective online study.

Can I organize video conferences myself, e.g. to work on projects with other students?

The computer centre has a licence agreement for the WebEx service, which also allows students to actively use the system and organize video conferences. You can register for it via and by clicking the button "Register now for free" with your university email address. For questions on how video conferences can be used for work in project groups, please contact the Self-Study Centre.

For more information on meetings with Webex:

I don't have the technical equipment to participate in the online teaching. Can the university support me?

For students who do not have the necessary infrastructure, ten computer workstations are available in the university library. If you wish to use one of these workplaces, please have your dean of studies certify that you are in need of it. This confirmation must then be submitted at the library. You can only use the workstations if you have booked at least one day in advance. For this purpose, please log in on the reservation page with your library card number and select the desired time slot. The use of computers is currently limited to 2 x 5 hours per week.

During which period can I do a work placement and internships?

Please contact the corresponding study programme coordinator at your department.

Will practical trainings take place in the laboratories?

Since 18 May, some approved laboratory events in the departments of Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences and Food Technology have taken place. The Fulda University of Applied Sciences is currently examining the extent to which exercises that can only take place in the laboratory can be carried out in compliance with the relevant regulations on infection control.

Students may only enter campus and buildings if this has been expressly approved. Distance rules of at least 1.5 metres must still be observed. If this is not possible, please wear a face mask to cover your mouth and nose.The campus including the sports field remains closed.

When does the summer semester end?

The Hessian universities have made a jointly decision to flexibly postpone the end of the university lecture period within the summer semester. However, a recovery period and the Hessian school holidays are also taken into account. Specific dates will be determined shortly, depending on the individual circumstance.

What kind of support does the General Student Committee (AStA) offer?

If you wish to use this service, please send the documents to be authenticated to the General Student Committee (AStA) by post together with a stamped addressed envelope so the documents can be returned to you. Please also inform the AStA in advance by email at verwaltung(at) about the sending of your documents.

The General Student Committee (AStA) offers a loan to students who are in financial difficulties due to the Corona pandemic. For further information please click here or send an email to asta(at)

Legal advice / tenancy law advice:
Due to the current situation, legal advice can currently only be given by telephone. Registration is required at +49 661 962914-0 or by email to verwaltung(at) Further information and possible dates can be obtained here.

When does the copy shop on campus open again?

From 1 July 2020, the Copy Shop will be open at the usual opening hours Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. Please find information to opening times and services here.

Is there any childcare for students’ children during the summer semester available?

The basic regulations of the state of Hesse apply to the support services linked to the Fulda University of Applied Sciences. Please find the latest information here.

For detailed information regarding the services offered by akadeMINIS (also KinderStube), please contact Sandy Penka at info(at)

In addition, you can, of course, contact the services offered by our Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) by sending an email to: jennifer.glindemann(at) (Family Service Office)

Who can support me in challenging situations?

The Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) will support you. Do you have concerns about your studies, a disability/chronic illness or psychosocial difficulties? Please contact the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) by email or telephone. Contact details:

Could any problems with the standard duration of studies or with benefits such as BAföG or child benefit emerge?

Students who are unable to accomplish any or all of the planned courses due to the consequences of the corona crises pandemic should not suffer any disadvantages. The Government of the Federal State of Hessen has announced that the regular duration of studies will be extended by one semester.


Will my examination take place on the agreed date?

No, all examinations at the Fulda University of Applied Sciences have been postponed until after 20 April 2020. Students will receive detailled information from the Student Administration.

Can I participate in my Colloquium or take an individual examination?

With regard to colloquia still to be attended or individual examinations to be taken, we would like to point out that there is always the possibility of an online examination. Please consult your examiners for details.

Are there set examination weeks in the summer semester? If so, when are they expected to take place?

So far (date 4 May 2020) it is planned that the examination weeks will start on 20 July. However, depending on how the situation changes during the corona crisis, we may have to adjust the examination periods.

I have a chronic disease/disability. Is there a possibility to use e.g. technical aids or to get more time to work on exams?

If, due to chronic illness or disability, you are not able to take exams in the intended form and/or duration, you have the possibility to apply for compensation for disadvantages. Please note the new application procedure beginning with the summer semester 2020.

Detailed information on the application procedure and the application itself may be obtained at and on the website of the respective department.

Semester ticket and chip card

Can I continue using my semester ticket from winter semester 19/20?

You can use the chip card together with a current enrolment certificate as a semester ticket until 5 July 2020.
Update - 6 May 2020:
Please download and print out your new enrolment certificate in horstl. This is due to the fact that the verification code has been changed by extending its validity until 5 July. The semester ticket is only valid in connection with the newly generated certificate of study.

How long is my chip card valid?

You can use the chip card together with a current certificate of study as a semester ticket until 5 July 2020. This is due to the fact that the verification code has been changed by extending its validity until 5 July. The semester ticket is only valid in connection with the newly generated certificate of study.

Can I currently validate my chip card?

No, unfortunately that is not possible at present. However, you can use the chip card together with a current enrolment certificate as a semester ticket until 5 July 2020.
Update - 6 May 2020: Please download and print out your new enrolment certificate in horstl.

I have no possibility to print the enrolment certificate. Can I also use the chip card together with the current enrolment certificate displayed as PDF on my mobile phone?

Unfortunately, the enrolment certificate must be printed out to be accepted by the RMV.

I am enrolled in a cooperative course of studies between the University of Kassel and the Fulda University of Applied Sciences. Can I still use my Fulda chip card as a semester ticket?

You can use the chip card together with a current enrolment certificate as a semester ticket until 5 July 2020.
Update - 6 May 2020: Please download and print out your new enrolment certificate in horstl.

Theses and assignments

Do I have to complete my thesis/assignment within the stipulated period?

Theses and assignments to be submitted by 20 April 2020 have to be handed in within the stipulated period.

Should I submit my thesis/assignment in printed form?

As before, you have to upload your thesis in horstl. Due to the current crisis situation, the university has decided to dispense with an additional paper version. This is also true in case some examiners ask for it or such agreements already exist.

Assignments (“Hausarbeiten” and others) also have to be submitted online to the examiner. An additional paper version is not required either.

Can I request an extension of my submission deadline in case of illness?

In case of your own illness or quarantine, the processing period is suspended for the duration of the illness. As before, the necessary documents are to be submitted via horstl.

Can I postpone the submission of my thesis/assignment if my literature research or other researches are not possible or only possible to a limited extent?

Yes, even though the University and State Library Fulda (HLB) has set up an emergency lending service and a scanning service for literature since the end of April, there is still the possibility of suspending the deadline for the theses and assignments for a maximum of three months if there are delays in the lending of literature. The same is true for cases in which meeting the deadline is not possible due to the temporary closure of laboratories or companies.

This decision is made by the Examination Board of the department concerned. In comparable cases, the Examination Board can also draw up a corresponding regulation for a majority of examinations by decision of principle.

The students apply for a deadline extension by sending an email to the examiner.The Student Administration enters the new duration in the system.

For the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences a decision of principle has been made; students can send their application directly to the Student Administration (Studienbüro) by email to:

What happens if I have to suspend the deadline for more than three months?

In case the deadline has been suspended for more than three months, the respective thesis/assignment is considered as not undertaken. Students have to re-register the thesis/assignment after the discontinuation of the impediment. A new topic has to be assigned.

How can I register my Bachelor's or Master's thesis?

You can submit your application in digital form. Signatures of all participants are sufficient in digital form. Please send your application to
For admission and duration please refer to horstl.


How do I get my degree documents?

After you have successfully completed your studies, you can apply for your degree documents via horstl: Mein Studium => Ende des Studiums => Digitale Beantragung der Abschlussunterlagen

Due to the current situation, the issue of the certificates is delayed. We ask for your understanding.

Period of study abroad / International students

I come from abroad and would like to start a Bachelor's/Master's study programme at Fulda University of Applied Sciences or take an exchange semester.

The International Office (IO) team has created a page with frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

I am an international student and find the current situation stressful. Where can I get assistance?

The team of the International Office will assist you. Please find out more about the services offered by the International Office

Winter semester 2020/21

I would like to receive information about the courses offered by the Fulda University of Applied Sciences. Who can I contact?

Please contact the team of the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB). You can contact the ZSB by email at or by telephone. Contact details:

At present, I don't know which course of study is the most suitable for me. Where can I get advice?

The Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) will support you. Please contact the team of the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) by email at or by telephone. Contact details:

When will the winter semester 2020/21 start?

The postponements at the universities in the summer semester as well as in the German A-level exams („Abiturprüfungen“) in most federal states also effect the central, nationwide admission procedure, and therefore also the winter semester 2020/21. All Hessian universities and universites of applied sciences agreed in a uniform solution for all study programmes with restricted admission. However, they also agreed that each university/university of applied sciences can organize the actual start of lectures differently.

Therefore, the following regulations apply for Fulda University of Applied Sciences
-    In all study programmes with non-restricted admission, lectures will begin on the regular starting date 12 October 2020; this also true for students in a higher semester of study programmes with restricted admission.

-    In all study programmes with restriced admission, lectures for first semester students will officially start on 2 November. However, it is possible that introductory sessions/prepartory courses or alike will start before 2 November.

What will the winter semester 20/21 look like?

Remote learning will be the semester norm for the winter semester 20/21. As current developments show, there can always be larger outbreaks. To ensure predictability, online classes will be the semester norm for the winter semester 20/21. Exceptional cases will be exams, practical (in labs ) or other courses absolutely requiring a physical presence. Furthermore the orientation week by the departments will take place.


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