Internationalisation, intercultural integration and interculturality are recognised as central strategic fields of Fulda University of Applied Sciences and are firmly anchored in the university structures. The university has set itself the goal of becoming an international university.
In order to achieve this, interculturality is to be further developed throughout the university as an important component of internationalisation. This includes an internationally oriented campus as well as an open and inclusive atmosphere for all university members.

Fulda University of Applied Sciences wants to prepare its students in the best possible way for the demands of an increasingly globalised world and equip them with the necessary skills to do so. At the same time, in view of demographic, social and economic change, attracting international students is of outstanding importance, especially in the STEM subjects, to compensate for a shortage of skilled workers.

Internationalisation cannot be viewed in isolation, but must be considered as a cross-sectional function in almost all fields of action within the university.

Further information can be found in the Internationalisation Strategy.