Intercultural Services

Maintaining your sense of wellbeing and happiness as a student is of utmost importance to performing well in your academic career. Numerous resources and facilities are at your disposal!

Just Ask!

Should you require assistance or orientation on structures and resources available on campus on any of the following issues:

  • Pedagogical consultation for effective orientation in academic and exam structures
  • German language learning facilities
  • Buddy programmes, career services and other facilities provided by the International Office
  • Tutorial programmes offered by various faculties and departments
  • Developing academic writing skills offered by "Schreibwerkstatt"
  • Faculty programmes and contact persons related to international student affairs

Just Talk!

Should you be confronted with stressful intercultural related issues, values and culture shock. In a personal confidential consultation service, you can give vent to your uncertainties, your anxieties of living in a country whose culture is so different from yours.

Coping with the stress of the Corona crisis – Services for international students at the Hochschule Fulda

Away from home, culture shock – and now Corona. For many international students, the corona crisis considerably exacerbates the hardships of dealing with life and study or work related conditions in a new culture. Social distancing can further reinforce feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness arising from homesickness and separation from family.

Yet, talking may help. In difficult times, a sympathetic ear and a new perspective can serve as an energizer. Intercultural services from your intercultural coordinator at the Hochschule Fulda are still available to international students. If you need to talk, or just someone who listens and understands you, or if you need support or ideas to combat “Corona Stress”, you may contact:

Dr. (Univ. Mumbai) Pritima Chainani-Barta

In addition, you can also contact Ms Gesa Pusch-Thomas ( from the International Office.



Pritima Chainani-Barta

Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) in German

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin für den erfolgreichen Umgang mit Interkulturalität



Pritima Chainani-Barta

+49 661 9640-9292
+49 661 9640-1229
Building 20, Room 110
Consultation hours
Mittwoch bis Freitag