Anti-Discrimination Counselling

Task of the Anti-Discrimination Office is to implement the anti-discrimination directive of the University of Applied Sciences Fulda. The responsibilities resulting therefrom are:

  • to provide informations concerning discrimination 
  • individual consultation (anonymously and confidentially) for all university members and university-affiliated who made experiences of discrimination, as well as their support through the process of conflict resolution
  • to increase sensitization concerning discrimination and to make discrimination visible at the University
  • public relations and information about the offers of the anti-discrimination place
  • cooperation with the existing consultation offers as well as with anti-discrimination agencies

The Anti-Discrimination Office offers support and advice for those who encounter discrimination because of their ethnic background, religion, language, gender, as a trans, intersex, or queer person, because of disability, class, age, or in multiple intersecting ways.

If you are treated unfairly, unjustly, or in discriminatory ways, feel as though you have been, or simply questions on this subject have, feel free to write us an email.

Anti-Discrimination Counselling concerning Covid-19

Since the spread of Covid 19 (Corona), many people have reported racial insults and hostility in public spaces. Particularly asian-looking people are affected, but also other groups of people are insulted or even threatened.
Open racial hostility but also subtle discriminatory reactions from the environment can unsettle and give the feeling of being alone and helpless, especially during this period. Even if the university is closed at the moment, you can get advice at the anti-discrimination office. Please feel welcome to send an email to o
If the incident occurred off-campus, we will refer you to qualified external offers.

Open consultation hours:
Due to the actual situation there are no open office hours at the moment. The anti-discrimination counselling can be contacted via email.  Appointments for consultation via telephone or webex are possible on request.

Contact: Email: