Vocational Education in Health (BEd)

At a glance

Study programme
Vocational Education in Health (BEd)
Nursing and Health Sciences
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
Type of programme
Campus-based programme
Standard Duration
6 semesters
Admission Capacity
Start of study programme
Winter semester
Admission Restriction
Based on numerus clausus system, limited entry
Admission Requirements
1,500 hours of relevant practical experience
Language of instructions
Language Requirements
For international students: DSH 2 level German language skills by the day of enrolment. At the time of application, a lower level is sufficient. Applications submitted by 30 April: B 1 or equivalent, applications from 1 May: DSH 1 or B 2 or equivalent
Application Deadline
20 August
Specific Features
Cooperation with the University of Kassel; teaching takes place on both sites. Students must complete the consecutive Master's degree programme before starting the preparatory service period (Vorbereitungsdienst).

What Is This Programme About?

A programme is now available in the state of Hesse that trains teachers in vocational schools (including vocational secondary schools, higher technical schools, vocational training colleges) to teach health as their primary subject. This is possible only if students complete the two-part programme – the Bachelor's degree in Fulda followed immediately by a Master's programme at the University of Kassel. The two programmes are taught collaboratively.

In addition to the primary subject of health, you will complete a core curriculum in education and take a general secondary subject, including subject-specific instructional methodology. Students who are interested in teaching at vocational schools specialising in health system professions may choose nursing or physiotherapy as a related secondary subject instead of the general secondary subject. In this case, they need to have completed vocational training in the corresponding profession.

Why Choose This Programme?

  • You have a university entrance qualification.
  • You have amassed at least 1,500 hours of practical experience in a health profession.
  • You want to teach young people the subject of health as part of their vocational training.
  • You can combine your interest in science and medicine with your interest in social and educational sciences.

How is the programme structured?

All teacher training programmes consist of three parts:

  • core curriculum of education science, including a period of practical experience at a school
  • primary subject health with relevant subject-specific instructional methodology, including another period of practical experience at a school
  • general secondary subject (politics and business, chemistry, physics and ma-thematics, German, English, Spanish and French, religion (Protestant or Ca-tholic) including subject-specific instructional methodology. Nursing, physio-therapy and midwifery are not considered general subjects and are only available to students who have already completed corresponding vocational training.


Where does it lead?

The preparatory service period for teaching positions at vocational schools requires successful completion of the consecutive Master's degree programme and follows on immediately after the degree programme. Health is an understaffed subject in Hesse.

If you choose nursing or physiotherapy as your secondary subject, you can work as a practical skills instructor at vocational schools specialising in health system professions after taking your Bachelor's degree; eligibility for a position as a teacher of theoretical content at vocational schools cannot be guaranteed.

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