Case Management (University Certificate in Continuing Education)

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Study programme
Case Management (University Certificate in Continuing Education)
Social Work
Type of programme
Continuing university education
Standard Duration
7 months
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Specific Features
This continuing vocational and education training course is recognised in accordance with the guidelines of the German Society for Care and Case Management (DGCC) and is offered as a part-time, fee-paying course.

What Is This Programme About?

Social and health care staff know from day-to-day experience that the demands on staff for effective and efficient professional care and support continue to grow. They are confronted with a care and support landscape that is becoming more professionally specialised and increasing in quality, but which is also more difficult to manage and cost intensive. People must receive the care and support they really need, but it is also important to ensure that care is not wastefully allocated due to inadequate organisation. As a result, professional support in future will increasingly involve greater focus on communication and coordination and the bundling of care and support from a single source.

Why Choose This Programme?

If you are a social worker, social education worker or are employed in an occupation providing social counselling, then this continuing vocational educationand training (VET) course in Case Management may well be the right course for you.

How is the programme structured?

The VET course consists of a general foundation module and an advanced specialist module specific to one field of work. The course is taken over a period of approximately six months and comprises a total of 232 learning units delivered as follows:

  • periods of formal instruction with compulsory attendance
  • online-instruction (learning platform of Fulda University of Applied Scienes)
  • guided independent study period
  • supervision

The VET course concludes with an assessment module and the preparation of a dissertation.

Where does it lead?

As a case manager, you provide advice and act as a moderator and coordinator in the provision of support and health care services in increasingly complex contexts in social work, health care, or case management. You provide the necessary support and coordination to ensure that the available support and care services are delivered professionally, appropriately, and efficiently to meet the needs of those requiring them.

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