Nutrition Psychology (University Certificate in Continuing Education)

At a glance

Study programme
Nutrition Psychology (University Certificate in Continuing Education)
Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences
Type of programme
Continuing university education
Standard Duration
9 months
Start of study programme
Admission Requirements
Relevant bachelor’s degree or relevant vocational qualification and at least two years’ professional experience or relevant vocational qualification and proof of enrolment on a higher education degree programme (ecotrophology, nutritional sciences, health sciences, psychology, medicine, or similar).
Language of instructions
Specific Features
Qualified staff registered with the German Society for Nutrition Therapists and Nutritionists (QUETEB e.V.) earn 25 points in the module Methodology/Didactics/Psychology. The part-timecontinuing vocational education and training course is fee-paying.

What Is This Programme About?

Nutrition is a factor in a growing number of diseases such as obesity, diabetes or circulatory and respiratory disease. The World Health Organisation considers these diseases among the greatest challenges confronting health policy in the 21st century.

Although there are many offers of nutrition advice and nutrition therapy available, treatment success has been relatively limited. Studies show, for example, just how difficult it is to achieve permanent weight loss. Only about 15% of all obesity treatment has a successful long-term outcome. Experience in health and nutrition counselling has shown that making purely scientific recommendations is not sufficient in itself to model long-term behaviour that promotes health and well-being. Such recommendations do not pay due consideration to people’s circumstances and feelings and are too general to be effective.

This is where the certificate in nutrition psychology comes in. The Nutrition Psychology degree programme underscores the interaction between the body, the psyche, and socio-cultural factors and puts this interaction centre stage. Nutrition psychology offers sound scientific approaches and options that can be adopted in practice to communicate informationabout nutrition physiologyeffectively, thereby allowing nutrition counselling and education to helpmodel (eating) behaviour that promotes health and well-being in the long-term.

Why Choose This Programme?

The continuing vocational education and training course is intended for those who work in health or nutrition counselling, in prevention, and in health promotion. The course benefits not only experienced nutritionists who wish to reflect upon and develop their counselling work but also those who wish to take up or return to a career in counselling.

How is the programme structured?

The continuing vocational education and training course in nutrition psychology is modular in structure and consists of five elements, which can also be booked individually:

  • eating behaviour
  • nutrition communication
  • prevention and health promotion
  • nutrition counselling
  • nutrition education and training 

Each element begins and ends with a two-day training session at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and involves both attendance at classes and independent study. Independent studyserves to enhance your theoretical knowledge as you work through study materials. You put into practice in your normal working day what you have learnt in project work and in formal instruction at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. As support during independent study, you can communicate and network with others on an online learning platform.

Where does it lead?

Those who have taken part in the course report that following completion of the course they feel under less stress, are more efficient in their work, have received a noticeably better response to the work they do from their patients, and that they themselves go to work in a more positive and relaxed frame of mind.

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