Inclusive Early Childhood Education (BA) — Part-time programme

At a glance

Study programme
Inclusive Early Childhood Education (BA) — Part-time programme
Social Work
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Type of programme
Part-time programme (blended learning with e-learning modules)
Standard Duration
8 semesters
Start of study programme
Winter semester
Admission Restriction
The programme has unrestricted admission.
Admission Requirements
University entrance qualification, subject-restricted university entrance qualification, entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or officially recognised vocational training and education as a nursery teacher. In addition, proof must be provided of part-time parallel employment in early education (children up to the age of 10) of between 15 hours and 22 hours per week.
Language of instructions
Language Requirements
For international students: DSH 2-level German language skills by the day of enrolment. At the time of application, a lower level is sufficient. Applications from 1 May: DSH 1 or B 2 or equivalent.
Specific Features
The study programme is organised according to the blended learning concept and combines attendance phases and distance learning with e-learning m modules.

What Is This Programme About?

Educational institutions are called upon to create equality of opportunity in the education system and to work against educational disadvantage which particularly affects children who experience poverty, migration and those with disabilities. Inclusive Early Childhood Education is a basic programme in early education with a focus on inclusion. Reflecting the current debate on integrative/inclusive education, this programme aims to shape educational processes in such a way that every child has the opportunity to develop his or her individual potential. To guarantee educational equity, to allow participation and to implement participatory methods in the design of educational processes, students taking the Bachelor's degree in Inclusive Early Childhood Education acquire a differentiated expertise in promoting diversity.

Why Choose This Programme?

The Inclusive Early Childhood Education programme is aimed at persons wishing to acquire a qualification in this professional field. The study programme addresses    

  • nursery teachers seeking a higher qualification who are already employed in inclusive early childhood education,
  • school-leavers with a university entrance qualification seeking a career opportunity in inclusive early childhood education who have a part-time work placement,
  • those with a vocational or higher education qualification in another field seeking a career opportunity in inclusive early education who have a part-time work placement.

How is the programme structured?

The programme is based on the blended learning concept and has two main components: independent study and on-campus phases. For the self-study phase, students receive study materials of approximately 50 pages per e-module.

Instructors set assignments which help students work through the study materials. They can also discuss subjects and swap ideas on an e-learning platform in a forum moderated by the instructors. On-campus phases take place once a month as two to three-day teaching blocks. The focus here is on interaction and an exchange of relevant information and ideas. One on-campus module and two to three e-modules are offered each semester.

Where does it lead?

The Inclusive Early Childhood Education programme prepares graduates to take on management roles in nursery schools and to work for service providing organisations and associations, in education and care management, in day-care facilities for children, for public youth work with youth welfare offices, in professional consultancy as well as in science and research.



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