E-Health (BSc)

At a glance

Study programme
E-Health (BSc)
Applied Computer Science
Cooperating departments: Nursing and Health Sciences , Electrical Engineerung & Information Technology
IT in the Health Care Industry, E-Health Product Design and Health Care Management
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Type of programme
Campus-based programme
Standard Duration
7 semesters
Start of study programme
Winter semester
Admission Restriction
The programme has unrestricted admission.
Admission Requirements
University entrance qualification
Language of instructions
Language Requirements
For international students: DSH 2 level German language skills by the day of enrolment. At the time of application, a lower level is sufficient. Applications up to 30 April: B 1 or equivalent; applications from 1 May: DSH 1 or B 2 or equivalent

What Is This Programme About?

The main focus of this interdisciplinary study programme is on people, with the objective of developing technology that can be used to assist and promote health.
The content covers computer science, electrical engineering and the health sciences.

Another important element of the programme is finding and implementing innovative technical solutions to support the health care professions.
The combination of health and technology is intended to pick up on a trend in society, which is the increasing importance of health-related topics and their link with recent technical innovations.

The technical focus is on programming, embedded systems, web applications, mobile applications, databases and robotics. Building on that foundation, students develop knowledge and skills to design and implement e-health products and processes that take account of the specific features of the health care market. The focus in health sciences is on gaining basic medical knowledge and an understanding of the structures in the health care system and the special demands that apply in that field.

Why Choose This Programme?

You are interested in health topics, on both an individual and societal level. You want to work on developing technical solutions that can be used to promote health.

You enjoy interacting with people and logical reasoning. No previous knowledge of the subject area is required.

The programme opens up new perspectives for people working in the health professions who wish to build on their existing experience with technical knowledge.

How is the programme structured?

After four semesters of the basic study programme, students choose one of the three following specialisations:

  • Health Care Management: Here you learn about the development and sale of technical solutions in the health care industry.
  • IT in the Health Care Industry: Students have an opportunity to specialise in software development in the context of e-health projects.
  • E-Health Product Design: This a good choice of specialisation if you are interested in the programme’s electrical engineering aspects.

The taught courses are supplemented at every stage of the programme by laboratory exercises, practicals and project work.

Where does it lead?

Demographic change and an increasing awareness of health among the population will continue to drive growth in the health care market in the future.

The health care industry in Germany employed around 5.2 million people and had annual sales of over 315 billion euros in 2017.

Demand for technical innovations in diagnosis and therapy, prevention, care, and physiotherapy is growing constantly. This creates some excellent career prospects for our students, who are experts in these fields.

In Germany alone there are currently 12,000 companies working in e-health. Software development, the development of technical solutions, business consulting or teaching and research careers are typical prospects for our graduates.

Need help?

Subject-related advice

Lisa Wiegand

Study Programme Coordinator

Building 43 , Room 102
Lisa Wiegand+49 661 9640-3044
Consultation hours
Appointments by email and regard course in moodle (eLearning).

General advice

Susan Gamper

Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB)

Head of Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB)

Building 10 (SSC) , Room 211
Susan Gamper+49 661 9640-1430
Consultation hours
Aktuell telefonisch (Mo.-Fr., je 9-15 Uhr) und per E-Mail erreichbar.
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Advice for international students

Britta Simon


Building 10 , Room 202
Britta Simon+49 661 9640-1453
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Mo: 9 – 11 Uhr Mi: 13.30 – 15.30 Uhr Fr: 09 – 11 Uhr
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