International Business & Management (B.Sc.)

At a glance

Study programme
International Business & Management (B.Sc.)
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Type of programme
Campus-based programme
Standard Duration
7 semesters
Admission Capacity
Start of study programme
Winter semester
Admission Restriction
Admission Requirements
University entrance qualification
Language of instructions

Plus basic, business-oriented skills in a second language (Spanish, French) will be acquired

Language Requirements
English, level B2
Application Deadline
15 July for applicants from non-EU countries; 20 August for applicants from EU countries
Specific Features
The programme is exclusively taught in English. You will also acquire language skills in a second language (Spanish or French).

What Is This Programme About?

We all live in a world with globalised markets. In order to success-fully compete in these markets, companies of all sizes need people wo not only have a sound knowledge of business and management principles, but are also equipped to multinational environments where intercultural and language competencies are of utmost im-portance. These needs are addressed through this programme which combines business education with language skills and fos-ters an international climate that enables future careers.

Why Choose This Programme?

This programme is meant for high school graduates who want to lay the right foundations for an international career by obtaining in-depth knowledge of the most important disciplines of business administration, specialising in management, studying exclusively in English and developing skills in a second language.

How is the programme structured?

The programme is exclusively taught in English. Dedicated cours-es allow you to improve your English language skills. You will also acquire basic, business-oriented skills in an additional language. You have a choice between French, Spanish and – if you are not a German native-speaker – German. The first four semesters will introduce you to the most important disciplines of business admin-istration and economics. They also include language modules.

During semester five, you will gain experience abroad. You are welcome to study at one of our partner universities or at a universi-ty of your choice. Alternatively, you will have the opportunity to do an internship in a foreign country. Back in Germany, the pro-gramme focuses on the specialisation in management including a comprehensive case study, where you will work on innovative pro-jects. This experience together with a business simulation, will provide a unique set of challenges to help you to develop holistic managerial skills. The programme concludes with a bachelor’s thesis.

Where does it lead?

The focus on international business and management aspects and an excellent language education will allow you to start a career in an innovative and global business environment. After first experi-ences within a real company environment, your education will as-sist you in pursuing an international career on manager level with budget and people responsibility.

Alternatively, you may wish to study for a master's degree either at Fulda University of Applied Sciences or at any other university. This would be mandatory if you would like to pursue an academic career and seek a doctoral degree, for example.

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General advice

Tim Feldermann

Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB)

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