International Business Administration (BA)

At a glance

Study programme
International Business Administration (BA)
• Accounting, Taxation and Auditing • Internal Accounting • Human Resources Management • Marketing • Logistics
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Type of programme
Campus-based programme
Standard Duration
7 semesters (210 ECTS credits)
Admission Capacity
Start of study programme
Summer and winter semesters
Admission Restriction
LImited entry based on NC system
Admission Requirements
University entrance qualification, proficiency German and English
Language of instructions
German and English
Language Requirements
Proficiency in German and English: • Certification of English language proficiency equal to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) B1 level or equivalent • Applicants with university entrance qualification acquired abroad: Certification of German language proficiency [DSH II level in the “German proficiency test for university admission” (DSH) or equivalent]
Application Deadline
20. August
External Partners
The instructors have formed relationships with a range of companies particularly in the Fulda region. Representatives of companies are invited, for example, to give talks or presentations and take part in discussions to give students an insight into real-world business practice. Regular course visits to practical placement partners are also organised. Our partners and students also often cooperate on projects, as well as frequently forming collaborations for practice-oriented Bachelor’s theses.
Specific Features
• Induction week, including a team-building workshop, enabling students to meet each other and adjust to university life • Preparatory courses and refresher courses (in particular mathematics) • Back-up tutorials for selected courses • Wide range of specialisation subjects and compulsory elective subjects • Compulsory semester abroad (period of study abroad or work placement module in a non-German speaking country)

What Is This Programme About?

Are you dreaming of a career as a specialist or manager in an international business enterprise? Do you want to be able to master challenges in an international environment? Are you flexible in terms of location and interested in other cultures and languages? If so, studying international business administration is just the right choice for you.

The international study programme addresses our ever increasingly global world, providing you with the know-how to handle administrative responsibilities and hold initial management positions and management support positions in multinational companies, at either their locations in Germany or abroad. You will spend one semester abroad during your studies in order to improve your foreign language skills and gain experience in an intercultural environment. To prepare for a multinational career, you will learn early on to work in intercultural teams and to deal with the distinctive characteristics of different national markets. 

Why Choose This Programme?

The programme is aimed at students who:

  • would like to understand the inner workings of business and economics
  • would like to acquire knowledge of international business management, marketing management, logistics, controlling, finance, human resources management, and taxation, and also develop social and leadership skills
  • would like to work in an intercultural corporate environment
  • would like to acquire basic knowledge of law (business law, labour law, corporate law)
  • enjoy learning foreign languages
  • are interested in the special nature of communicating in an international environment
  • aspire to a position in a multinational company after graduation

How is the programme structured?

In the first two semesters of the study programme you will learn the basic principles of mathematics, statistics, and business IT, alongside the basics of business administration, including book-keeping and financial accounting. You will also attend Business English courses. Additionally, you will be introduced to business law and learn how to conduct academic research.

In the third semester, you take the following courses: Marketing, Human Resources Management, Controlling, Taxation, Logistics and Investment/Finance You will structure the fourth semester in accordance with your own interests and capabilities by choosing one of these course subjects as a specialisation and take two modules in order to deepen your knowledge in this chosen subject. You will also acquire English language skills at an academic level, and study microeconomics and labour law. In addition, you will learn to use software applications to support resource planning within a company.

You will spend your fifth semester abroad, either continuing your studies at a foreign university or doing a work placement at an enterprise in a country where a foreign language is spoken. In addition to Business Management, Economic Policy, and Commercial and Corporate Law taught in the sixth semester, you will expand on the specialist field chosen in the fourth semester by taking the corresponding module and a compulsory elective subject.

In the seventh semester you will examine case studies related to Business Management and Entrepreneurship, take another compulsory elective subject, and apply the knowledge you have gained from the previous semesters in business simulation exercises. You will complete your study programme by writing a bachelor’s thesis that presents the results of an academic research project on a specific business administration topic. 

Where does it lead?

Successful completion of your studies will open up a wide range of employment opportunities in general management or expert roles in industrial, commercial and service enterprises as well as in tax consultancies and auditing companies. Potential areas of work range from international corporate mergers and acquisitions, market research, the development of markets, through to international controlling activities. Other possible professional fields include logistics, human resources management, marketing, as well as taxation and finance.

Alternatively, you can enrol on a Master’s degree programme with a specialisation area, such as the “International Management”, “Accounting, Finance and Controlling” or “Supply Chain Management” programmes at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. 

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