Logistics Management (BA) — Dual study programme

At a glance

Study programme
Logistics Management (BA) — Dual study programme
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Type of programme
Dual study programme
Standard Duration
6 semesters
Start of study programme
Winter semester
Admission Restriction
The programme has unrestricted admission.
Admission Requirements
University entrance qualification and a learning agreement with one of the university’s partner companies. Partner companies have signed a cooperation agreement with Fulda University of Applied Sciences relating to the Logistics Management dual study programme.
Language of instructions
German, some courses in English
Language Requirements
For international students: Certification of German language proficiency at level II of the DSH (“German proficiency test for university admission”) by the day of enrolment. A lower German language proficiency level is sufficient at the time the application is made. Applications submitted by 30 April: B1 level or equivalent. Applications from 1 May: DSH level 1 or B2 or equivalent.
Application Deadline
15 July
External Partners
As part of the dual study programme, Fulda University of Applied Sciences cooperates with regional and national companies from trade, industry and logistics services. Refer to the list of current practical placement partners under “More about the Subject” below.
Specific Features
The Logistics Management dual study programme comprises six semesters, during which students alternate between 13-week study periods and 13-week practical placement periods. Early application to a company or organisation (cooperation partner) is advisable to ensure that the learning agreement is concluded on time. Refer to the list of current practical placement partners under “More about the Subject” below.

What Is This Programme About?

Modern logistics is all about one question: Which products is the customer asking for, by what deadline, at what location, in what quantity and quality and at what price? Commercial and industrial companies base their procurement and production planning on this information. Purchasing and production are performed worldwide and suppliers often have locations all over the globe. The real art of logistics today lies in planning, coordinating and controlling all internal and cross-company flows of commodities and information.  Proper interlinking of all processes ensures, for example, that bananas can be offered fresh in the supermarket every day, or that new cars are collected from dealerships on the agreed delivery date. The dual study programme imparts broad-ranging and integrated knowledge and understanding of both the basic academic principles and business management fundamentals of logistics management. Students can directly apply this knowledge and understanding during their practical placements to both familiar as well as new logistics tasks.

Why Choose This Programme?

Logistics managers are faced with a host of interesting questions and challenges, including: How do companies that operate internationally organise transportation of their commodities? How do all kinds of different commodities reach the marketplace on time? How does a car manufacturer ensure that parts are available on the assembly line at the right time?
If you are interested in the answers to these questions and are keen to integrate theory and actual practice, this programme could be just what you are looking for. Also preferable is a talent for coordinating, organising and negotiating.

How is the programme structured?

Before you can get started, you must conclude an agreement with a company regarding joint implementation of the dual study programme by signing a learning contract. You are on a 6-semester study programme, meaning that you alternate on a three-month basis between attending courses at the university and doing your work placement with one of our direct partners. In addition to teaching you business know-how, we familiarise you step by step with all relevant aspects of modern logistics management. The practical placement periods of the programme enable you to directly apply theoretical knowledge to actual projects and analyse them from an academic perspective. The English-language modules and the opportunity for you to incorporate a stay abroad mean that we prepare you for professional positions that involve working in an international environment.  You will also acquire soft skills and IT proficiency to add to your skill set.

Where does it lead?

You will graduate from the Logistics Management dual study programme as an expert on industry-specific matters. You will also possess extensive management knowledge and relevant practical experience. This makes you an ideal candidate for direct entry into a managerial position as a logistics specialist at logistics service providers and in commercial and industrial companies. Your broad training and skills will enable you to work in all company areas related to logistics, e.g. purchasing, production or directly in supply chain management. Most of our graduates also receive employment offers from their placement partner company, meaning that clear career prospects can develop for our students while they are still studying. Alongside giving you excellent prospects for entering into a career in the logistics industry, the Logistics Management study programme also offers you the opportunity to gain further qualifications by studying for a Master’s degree.

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