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Catering and Supply Management (BSc) - The study programme expires.

At a glance

Study programme
Catering and Supply Management (BSc) - The study programme expires.
Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Type of programme
Campus-based programme
Standard Duration
6 semesters
Start of study programme
Winter semester
Language of instructions

What Is This Programme About?

Children, young people, adults, seniors, singles and families – people at different stages of the life cycle all have different and complex needs. The goal in this context is therefore to create, communicate and, where necessary, incorporate into corresponding marketing strategies advisory, consulting and other services that specifically meet those different requirements at different stages of the life cycle. In this practice-oriented and project-based six-semester programme, the department offers students practical training on an academic basis to equip them for the demands of working life and the employment market of tomorrow. The only programme of its kind nationwide, it has successfully incorporated project-based study from stage one for more than 30 years. From the first semester, students work and learn in working groups – their study projects. Over the course of the programme, this helps them to build valuable soft skills, including applying theory to practice, building team competency, and expanding their organisational and communication skills. This experience gives students a significant advantage for their later professional life. They are encouraged throughout to think and act in interdisciplinary terms and to commit to lifelong learning.

Why Choose This Programme?

The programme in Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences combines science and technology with social and economic subjects. This makes it a very varied study programme that equips students to deal with problems holistically – a capacity that is more in demand than ever before in professional life today. Anyone interested in the programme should be able to think in complex terms and generally take a broader perspective. A basic knowledge of chemistry and biology is an advantage, but they are covered again in the lectures and tutorials in the first semester. If you are inquisitive and want to know more about catering, community catering, the supply industry, advisory services and consulting, you already have a good basis for taking this programme.

How is the programme structured?

The Bachelor’s programme in Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences: Catering and Supply Management has a duration of six semesters and a modular structure. In the first two semesters, students learn the basic principles of science and technology, social science and economics. In the following four semesters, they acquire more in-depth knowledge specifically for Catering and Supply Management and train and expand their professional, social, culinary and methodological skills.

Where does it lead?

As experts for catering, community catering, supply management, advisory services and consulting, graduates can work in middle and more senior management positions in institutions and companies or become self-employed. The internationally recognised qualification (BSc) gives graduates access to various options for studying to a higher level in Germany and abroad.

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