Graduate admissions

All applicants who received their first university degree outside of Germany, and intend to apply for a Master’s programme at Fulda University must apply through uni-assist – regardless of nationality.

Uni-assist evaluates foreign documents and determines whether your bachelor’s degree is equivalent to a German bachelor’s degree and converts foreign grades into the German grading system.

All applicants who have a first degree from a German university may apply directly through the application portal of Fulda University, regardless of nationality.

In both cases, an application must be completed and received by uni-assist/Fulda University by the last day of the application period. Therefore, we strongly recommend applying as soon as possible so that in the event of missing documents there is enough time to submit them.

IMPORTANT NOTE for non-European applicants:
Please pay attention to the early application deadlines under Application Deadlines for the programmes ‘International Management’, ‘Intercultural Communication and European Studies, as well as ‘Global Software Development’.

How to apply through uni-assist

  1. Register for the My assist online portal.
  2. Fill in your applicant information and educational history.
  3. Select your university and the chosen course under the course catalogue.
  4. Choose your desired course of study. Make sure that you answer all questions without omissions.
  5. Pay the incurred* uni-assist handling fee
  6. Please upload each document only once. Give your documents an unambiguous name in German or English. You can only upload pdf files with a maximum of 10 MB in size
  7. Send all required documents (see ‘A complete application through uni-assist contains’) within the application period by post to uni-assist in Berlin:
    Hochschule Fulda
    c/o uni-assist
    D-11507 Berlin

* Costs for the first desired course of Study: 75.00 EUR / For each additional desired course of study: 30.00 EUR. Further information on fees and payment options can be found at uni-assist’s website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Uni-assist will only assess your application after having received the handling fee and the hard copies of your original application documents. An online application is not sufficient!

Application Periods and Deadlines

The application period for all Master applications through uni-assist starts on
15 February for the winter semester / 15 November for the summer semester.

The application period for all Master applications through the university’s portal starts on
2 May for the winter semester / 1 December for the summer semester. 

The general application deadline for programmes with restricted admission is
15 July for the winter semester / 15 January for the summer semester.

Exceptions: The following early application deadlines apply to non-European applicants – irrelevant of whether you hold a foreign or a German degree and whether you are already in Germany or not!

For the winters semester:
International Management: 15 May
ICEUS: 15 May
Global Software Development: 31 May

For the summer semester:
International Management: 15 December
Global Software Development: 1 November

For German nationals and EU-citizens, the general application deadline applies.

The application deadline for programmes with non-restricted admission is
30 September for the winter semester / 31 March for the summer semester

A complete application through uni-assist contains

  • Certified copies of academic transcripts of records from your previous studies, including courses taken and grades/marks awarded, as well as any degree certificates (e.g. Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees) in the original language.
  • Certified copy of official translations into German or English (only if the original documents are in a language other than German or English) of the above-mentioned transcript of records from previous studies including courses taken and grades/marks awarded, as well as any degree certificates (e.g. Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees)
  • Proof of the required language proficiency for the chosen programme as certified copies (see Language certificates).
  • Additional documents required for certain programmes, for example, proof of work experience or job contract. Please check the admission requirements carefully!
  • Applicants with documents from China and Vietnam are required to submit the original certificate of ‘The Academic Testing Centre’ of the respective German Embassy (APS certificate).

Language certificates

Most Master’s programmes are conducted in German. For them the following language requirements apply:

Proof of German proficiency at C1 level, for example DSH2, TestDaF 4x4, telc C1 Hochschule, or Goethe C1 submitted at the latest on the day of enrolment.
At the time of application, the B2 level is acceptable, for example, DSH1, TestDaF 4x3, telc B2 or Goethe B2. In the case of admission, applicants have until the day of enrolment to provide a certificate at the required level.

Additional English proficiency at B2 level is required for the programmes ‘International Management’,  ‘Accounting, Finance, Controlling’, and ‘Supply Chain Management’, for example, IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT 76.
At the time of application, it is acceptable to have studied English at school or university. In the case of admission, applicants have until the day of enrolment to provide a certificate at the required level.
Applicants who received their entire school and/or university education in English do not need an additional certificate.

Only English proficiency is required for the programme ‘Global Software Development’. We accept: IELTS 6.5, or TOEFL iBT 85, or TOEFL pBT 550, or TOEFL 213 cBT. A relevant certificate must be submitted within the application period. It is not possible to hand it in later. Applicants who received their entire school and/or university education in English do not need an additional certificate.

What next?

  1. Uni-assist assesses your document for formal eligibility according to the requirements set by the university.
  2. Uni-assist forwards qualified applications to the International Office of Fulda University and informs you about it.
  3. The International Office forwards your application to the department in charge of the chosen programme; they check the content of your first degree and other criteria for eligibility.
  4. Fulda University determines which applicants receive admission and informs you about the decision:
    4.1 In the case of admission, you will receive an official notification of acceptance.
          Please note that the decision in programmes with restricted admission
          cannot be made before the end of the deadline!
    4.2 In the case that you do not receive admission, you will receive an official
           rejection letter stating the reason(s) via email.
  5. Letters of acceptance are either unconditional (no additional requirements) or conditional. In the latter case, you need to present further documents by the day of enrolment at the latest in order to start your studies. Your letter of acceptance will contain detailed information about what is required.

Additional information for applicants to Global Software Development

Applicants who successfully pass step 3 under “What next?” will have to pass an online test to prove their computer skills. The test for the winter semester usually takes place in early July and for the summer semester in early December. Admission letters can be expected a few days after the test.

Deferment of admission

It is not possible to automatically shift an admission from one semester to a later one. We kindly ask you to make a new application through uni-assist. Handling fees apply again, but in the event that you apply again within one year, you will not have to send the documents once more. In the case of Global Software Development, you will not have to participate and pass the online test again.

Admission Officer

Britta Simon

Admissions Officer

Application and admission (international students) • Housing • Registration

Building 10 , Room 202
Britta Simon+49 661 9640-1453
Consultation hours
Monday 9 - 11 a.m., Wednesday 1:30 - 3:30 p.m., Friday 9 -11 a.m.
Office hours
Mon - Thu: 9.00 - 12.00, 14.00 - 15.30, Fri: 8.30 - 12.00

Please note!

Applications for the winter semester 2020/21 will be possible from March 1st 2020 on and have to be made via uniassist e.V.