Undergraduate admissions

All applicants holding a foreign university entrance qualification (Attestat, Baccalaureat, Lise Diplomasi, Swiadectwo ukonczenia, International Baccalaureate, etc.) and intend to apply for a Bachelor’s programme at Fulda University must apply through uni-assist – regardless of nationality. This also applies for applicants with a ‘Zeugnis über die bestandene Feststellungsprüfung’ of a Studienkolleg or an ‘Anerkennungsbescheid / Vorprüfungsdokumentation’ and those who are currently enrolled in one of our preparatory programmes or change from another university to Fulda.

uni-assist evaluates foreign documents and determines whether they are equivalent to a German university entrance qualification and grant general/subject-related access to a German university. This can be the highest secondary school leaving certificate, in some countries in combination with a university entrance exam. Often at least one successful study year is additionally required. In some cases, applicants even need a first university degree from their home country in order to be eligible for a Bachelor’s programme in Germany.

Exempted from an application via uni-assist are applicants who are currently enrolled at Fulda University in a regular degree programme and wish to change/add a Bachelor’s programme. In this case please apply via your HORSTL account.

In all cases, an application must be complete by the last day of the application period in order to be considered for admission. Therefore, we strongly recommend applying as soon as possible so that missing documents can still be submitted before the deadline. Applications we receive from uni-assist after the official deadline will be considered for admission as long as they were complete in time.

IMPORTANT NOTE for non-European applicants:
Please pay attention to the early application deadlines for the programmes "International Business and Management" and "International Health Sciences".

Check your eligibility

To be eligible for admission to a Bachelor’s programme at Fulda University of Applied Sciences, you must

1. Have a university entrance qualification(Hochschulzugangsberechtigung / HZB) for German universities.
Depending on your previous secondary school and/or university education, you may have

  • direct access to German universities
    This means that your previous secondary school and/or university education is equivalent to a German Abitur and you can start studying directly.
  • indirect access to German universities
    This means that your previous secondary school and/or university education is not considered equivalent to a German Abitur. Before you can start studying, you have to attend a preparatory course (Studienkolleg), which lasts two semesters, and pass the assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung) at the end. Alternatively you can join Fulda University´s Pre-College programme.

2. Provide the documentary evidence of the required language proficiency in German and/or English as described under „Language certificates“.

3. Fulfill additional admission requirements for certain programmes, for example an internship or a study contract with a cooperating school/company. Therefore, please pay careful attention to the requirements for the programme(s) of your choice (click here for an overview).

Check your application documents

A complete application for admission to a bachelor’s programme includes:

  • a scan in the original language of your secondary school transcript, including courses taken and grades/marks awarded
  • a scan in the original language of documentation showing that you have passed the university entrance examination in your home country (if required in your home country)
  • If relevant/available, a scan in the original language of academic transcripts from other university/post-secondary study programmes including courses taken and grades/marks awarded, as well as certified copies of any degree certificates (e.g. Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees)
  • a scan of official translations into German or English of all the above documents (only if the original documents are in a language other than German or English)
  • a scan of additional documents required for certain programmes, for example study/job contract, internship. Please check the admission requirements carefully!
  • a scan of required language proficiency (see „Language requirements for details“)
  • Applicants with documents from China and Vietnam are required to submit a scan of ‘The Academic Testing Centre’ of the respective German Embassy (APS certificate).

The list above can only provide a general overview on the documents required. Find out under Info country by country if there are special notes on certificates from your country of origin.

Language certificates

Most Bachelor’s programmes are completely conducted in German. For them the following language requirements apply:

Proof of German proficiency at C1 level, for example DSH2, TestDaF 4x4, telc C1 Hochschule, or Goethe C1 submitted at the latest on the day of enrolment.
At the time of application, the B2 level is acceptable, for example, DSH1, TestDaF 4x3, telc B2 or Goethe B2. In the case of admission, applicants have until the day of enrolment to provide a certificate at the required level.

Besides the above mentioned German skills additional English proficiency at B1 level is required for the programmes ‘International Business Administration, for example, IELTS 3.5 or TOEFL iBT 43.
At the time of application, it is acceptable to have studied English at school or university. In the case of admission, applicants have until the day of enrolment to provide a certificate at the required level.
Applicants who received their entire school and/or university education in English do not need an additional certificate.

Only English proficiency is required for the programme "International Business and Management". We accept: IELTS 5.5, or TOEFL iBT 72, or TOEFL pBT 543.
At the time of application, it is acceptable to have studied English at school or university. In the case of admission, applicants have until the day of enrolment to provide a certificate at the required level.
Applicants who received their entire school and/or university education in English do not need an additional certificate.

Specific language requirements apply for the programmes ‚International Health Sciences‘ and Both require English proficiency at B2 level and German proficiency at B1 level.
At the time of application, it is acceptable to have studied English at school/university and to be able to present an A2 certificate in German.
In case of "Internationale Ingeneurwissenschaften/Sciences&Engineering‘" the required language certificates have to be presented on the day of enrolment.
In case of "International Health Sciences" enrolment is possible without the required language certificates; they are due at the latest on the first day of lectures (mid-October).
For both programmes applies: Applicants, who verifiably pursued their entire school and/or university education in English, do not need an additional English certficate.

Applicants qualifying for Studienkolleg need to prove German proficiency at B1 level in order to receive an invitation for the entrance examination. This also applies in case you wish to study a programme mainly/completely taught in English.

Submit your application

Applications from students with international qualifications, regardless of nationality, are processed by uni-assist.

How to apply through uni-assist:

  1. Register for the My assist online portal.
  2. Fill in your applicant information and educational history.
  3. Select your university and the chosen course under the course catalogue.
  4. Choose your desired course of study. Make sure that you answer all questions without omissions.
  5. Pay the incurred* uni-assist handling fee
  6. Please upload each document only once. Give your documents an unambiguous name in German or English. You can only upload pdf files with a maximum of 10 MB in size

Only complete applications including the application fee, will be processed. See Step 6: Track the application process for details of what happens after you have submitted your application.

Do not miss the application deadlines (summer semester intake)

The application period for all Bachelor’s programmes starts: 5 October.

Application deadline for programmes with restricted admission:15 January.

Application deadline for programmes with unrestricted admission: 31 March.

The application material for uni-assist is being accepted as online documents/scans and has not to be sent as hardcopies.

Do not miss the application deadlines (winter semester intake)

General application deadlines   

Start of the application period via uni-assist15.03.
Application deadline for the "Studienkolleg"15.04.
Study programmes with admission restriction31.07. 
Study programmes without admission restriction30.09.

Exemptions for the winter semester 2021/22

ApplicantsInternational Business & Management (B.Sc.)
German/EU-/EEA-nationals (regardless of the educational certificate´s country of issue)31.07.21
Other nationalities with a German secondary school leaving certificate (incl. German schools abroad), but excl. Studienkollegs´ graduates  (with passed "Feststellungsprüfung")31.07.21
Other nationalities with a foreign secondary school leaving certificate / university certificate incl. Studienkollegs´ graduates  (with passed "Feststellungsprüfung")31.07.21

Pay the application fees

The fee for the first desired course of study at a uni-assist member university is EUR 75.

For each additional desired course of study, the fee is EUR 30. See the uni-assist website for details.

What next?

  1. After submitting your application, uni-assist will review your file and send you a letter of confirmation if your application is complete. They will also inform you about missing documents, and you can submit them until the deadline. Further details about your application status and processing times can be found on the uni-assist website.
  2. If you fulfil the formal requirements for admission to your selected programme(s), uni-assist will then forward your application to the Student Administration of Fulda University for the final review and decision. Uni-assist will inform you about this step by email.
  3. Admissions decisions for study programmes with restricted entry (numerus clausus) will be made shortly after the general application deadline. Admission decisions for unrestricted programmes, applicants will receive a decision within four weeks of receipt of the documentation from uni-assist.
  4. Admitted applicants will be informed about the decision by email. This email will contain information on how to access the university’s online portal „HORSTL“. There you will be able to download your notification of acceptance. You will also have to accept the offer and complete the online enrolment in HORSTL.
  5. In HORSTL you will out whether you have to present further documents for enrolment/until the study start, for example language certificates. This information will not be included in the notification of acceptance.
  6. Applicants qualifying for „Studienkolleg“ will automatically be registered for the entrance examination of the Studienkolleg at the University of Kassel and receive a corresponding invitation letter from us.

Special procedure for study programmes participating in the dialog-oriented service procedure (via hochschulstart.de)

The following seven programmes are part of the dialog-oriented service procedure (DoSV) via hochschulstart.de:

  • Vocational Education in Health (Berufspädagogik Fach Gesundheit)
  • International Business and Management
  • International Health Sciences
  • International Business Administration
  • Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences (Oecotrophologie)
  • Social Work (Soziale Arbeit)
  • Economic Law – Sustainability and Ethics (Wirtschaftsrecht – Nachhaltigkeit und Ethik)

If you apply for one or more of these programmes, you need to register at hochschulstart.de and generate your personal ID numbers (BID and BAN). These ID numbers are obligatory for an application through uni-assist.

Additional information on further proceeding:
Applications for the above mentioned programmes are coordinated via Hochschulstart. After a positive evaluation, uni-assist automatically forwards your application to the university in electronic form. Shortly after the application deadline the university’s decision is transferred to Hochschulstart and you can then find out on hochschulstart.de if you received an offer from us. You can accept the offer immediately. This last step is obligatory in order to change the status of your application to „admitted“ and have the admission letter generated. Please see „What next?“ for information on how to continue.

Deferment of admission

Admission is only valid for the semester mentioned in the notification of acceptance. It is not possible to automatically shift an admission from one semester to a later one. We kindly ask you to make a new application through uni-assist. Handling fees apply again.

You have questions regarding your application?

Contact: bewerbung.

Call centre:  +49 661 9640-1420

Check your eligibility

If you are not sure whether your school-leaving certificate is recognised as a university entrance qualification in Germany, you can check the German Academic Exchange Service´s database  on admission requirements.